5 Estrellas Bakery Corporation

New York City, 3861 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

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Muy bien lugar de buen anbiente

- I had years coming to this bakery but as of lately their workers have become incredibly rude. They're always in a hurry to dismiss you. The last few cakes I ordered turned out to be nothing like what I asked or were not done on the agreed upon time. I recently went in to place several cake orders and attempted to provide them with a reference photo of what I wanted, but they refused to even look at it and told me to just go elsewhere as i was already at the register trying to pay for them. Marino siempre esta aburrido a este punto se le van a ir todos lo clientes con la actitud del. Spend your money elsewhere cause they clearly don't care about making sure their customers are being serviced properly. They will butcher your cake.

- Excellent quality, price, taste, order accuracy - never disappoints

- Coffee and pastries are very good, but poor customer service (over the phone). Normally walk in, decided to GrubHub and after waiting for my order I decided to call and my items (soup) weren't available. Never received a call advising me of so.

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26.12.2023 21:38
Born in New York of Dominican parents. I go to Estrellas bakery at least once or twice a month I go to this place after getting my haircut. This is very close to how bakeries are in our native land of Dominican Republic. The café con leche is super and the torta de zanahoria is delicious. Also, sometimes get cakes and quipes. If you are Dominican you know very well what I'm talking about. Last, the costumer service at this place is 10 out of 10, spectacular.
26.12.2023 21:37
Love love them !!! They make my cakes all the time. Best filling is tres leche dulce leche
26.12.2023 21:37
Bought a cake last night. 1 pound dulce de Leche cake for 60 dollars. I thought ok 60 for a pound i hope the cake is good NO the cake was completely bland. And I will add picture of the small amount of dulce de Leche the cake had. This is unacceptable. Muy mal de su parte. Las mujeres que conbran siempre con Mala actitud y El biscocho terrible. No vuelvo a comprar biscocho de ustedes. Mal servicio y peor calidad de biscocho. Que decepcion.
26.12.2023 21:37
The tres leches cake and cafe con leche are wonderful. The staff mostly spoke Spanish. I don’t know much Spanish but we worked it out. Great place! Worth the walk from the NY Pres hospital.
15.04.2023 16:39
good bakery


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