Absolute Bagels

New York City, 2788 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

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Truly delicious, the real deal NYC bagel, service was fast and friendly, place is cash only so be prepared not to use a CC

THICK, slightly buttery, chewy dough, crispy crust bagels with delectable everything seasoning and just the right amount of salt!!! Tofu scallion cream cheese is light and savory, and the regular scallion cream cheese is indulgent and savory. Really kind people with authentic NYC bagels.

Still great. Has been consistently good over the last 5 years, so they've earned an upgrade to five stars. Today we had 2 perfect chewy, warm pumpernickel bagels (one with lox spread and one with chive and garlic cream cheese) and 1 everything bagel roast beef sandwich with tomato and onion. Everyone loved their bagel. All the chatter stopped while we fully enjoyed the flavors! Cash only. Takeout only.

Such an unassuming shop, but the bagels are amazing!! I also absolutely loved their Thai iced tea. I understand the lineups now.

Crunchy dense bagel with creamy cream cheese and delicious nova (smoked salmon). Wait time was about 10 mins, price was ok (~$15 for the nova bagel. If you want lettuce/tomato/onions it is an additional ~$4)

Everything bagel + sundried tomato cheese cream + white fish spread

Pumpernickel bagel + egg salad + lettuce/onion/tomato

Great fair priced bagles, happy to see that this place has an A again. Bagels are still great.

- Best bagels in UWS, I want to lay my head down and nap on their fresh egg bagel

- Good price. Good coffee. Great bagels. The place is packed so you know its good definatly worth trying. There is no place to sit inside as they need all the space they have to accommodate the line. The wait was only about 5 minute's.

- Be prepared to wait, the lines can get to the corner of the block (shop is in the middle of the block) when the weather is nice. Bagels are fresh and new batches come out throughout the morning. The staff are always friendly.

- This unassuming bagel shop may not look like much from the outside, but inside you'll find some of the best hand-rolled, housemade bagels you've ever tasted. The aroma of fresh-baked bread wafts through the air, and the friendly staff are always happy to help you choose the perfect bagel and toppings.

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Reviews about Absolute Bagels

26.12.2023 21:56
Delicious bagels that are absolutely worth the wait!
26.12.2023 21:56
Finally made it up to absolute bagels.. very much NO frills situation .. the queue went super quickly! But I actually did not enjoy the experience of the shop or the look/feel of it inside! Super super run down.. there’s authentic feel and then theres falling apart! With a queue down the block most days you can afford to make the shop look a bit more presentable! Anyway the bagels were great.. went for the classic everything with scallion cream cheese and a salmon and cream cheese! Bagel super chewy yet crunchy.. would have preferred more garlic/onion on the everything bagel also super cheap compared to other famous bagel shops!
26.12.2023 21:56
Great service and even better food. Unfortunately cash only.
26.12.2023 21:56
Amazing bagels, they put effort into those spreads too. Earlier the better though to keep fresh taste. Prepare for the line to be 10 people deep or more BUT they are very efficient. Got in and out on two different days, different times, about 20min. Worth the trek out.
26.12.2023 21:55
We got egg sandwiches, cinnamon raisin w/ blueberry cream cheese, and everything was great. Crispy surface, chewy flavorful insides. Keeping a star on this spot if I'm back up here.
26.12.2023 21:55
30 minute wait for this?!? Bagels are undercooked. That’s why they are so soft. Plain bagel tasted like a nice dinner roll, not a bagel. Service is very fast and nice. But not worth the wait.
26.12.2023 21:55
Abit chaotic ordering but the bagels are fresh and damn that cream cheese is good
16.04.2023 13:32
Whoever hasn’t given this bagel spot 5 stars clearly aren’t from New York because this is the best bagel in the entire city. Come here if you want real good food.


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