ALDI NYC East River Plaza

New York City, 517 E 117th St, New York, NY 10035

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Our smart shoppers save up to 50 percent* on their grocery bills, from premium food to household products. At ALDI, you don’t pay for bells, whistles, smoke or mirrors. No hidden costs means you only pay for freshness and quality.

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Reviews about ALDI NYC East River Plaza

23.01.2024 15:52
I like this store,enough so I travel from 8th ave to go food shopping instead of the other 3 supermarkets in my area. The prices, foods and employees are good... may be a little too crowded at times for me but too be expected. I just try to do my shopping early in the mornings.
23.01.2024 15:52
Love Aldi and especially love there prices
23.01.2024 15:52
best grocery store ever. clean organized nice staff good prices.
23.01.2024 15:51
Great place to shop can't beat the prices


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