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Reviews about AutoZone Auto Parts

19.10.2023 19:29
On Friday September 2nd around 8:15 to 9:30am

I Dwayne came into the #5270. I came in with 3 items. 2 of the was under warranty that I have previously brought which was motor mounts for my 2014 chrysler 200. And the other was also a motor that I purchased on the Sept 1st which I did not need.
The agent Christian took the items and began to examine them. He look at the first used mount one and place it down. He look at the second used mount and said this doesn't look right. I assured him that item was bought from the Autozone company. I said to him that I bought these items from Autozone and they should be in my history.
He ok me but never look into the history to look at any serial number of the part.
He was informed by John a manager to a item off the shelf to compare it.
And he did do as what he was told.
He also compared the old with the new one. And he said it was the right part.
I said to that can't because I bought them from Autozone.
The Manger John to over the agent and he examine it.
And personally thought he was going to override his agent. But he agreed with him.
And said to me that he was unable to give me the money under the warranty.
I said to John why you look under my history and it will show that I bought the items from here.
He replied by saying he understood but he wasn't able to give me my back. He told me go talk to the mechanic who did the work cause maybe he switched it.
I said that's stupid, why wood he take this new Part for himself and just hold keep the new part without fixing my car.
And I asked to speak a person higher then him.
He said he was a manager and the only person was the regional office but and number was on the door. But they wasn't there.
I said ok then I will call the cooperate office. And I back away from counter in frustration. Cause I never experienced something like this.
And while I was on the phone attempting to call the cooperate office to make this complaint, I was asking him did he has experienced as mechanic to Make this judgment call and I was adamant about it.
While I was away from the I was unable to reach the cooperate office. I began to talking to myself and said, maybe loudl enough to in fact that John may herd say. I'm just going to another store , but I'm just going to get my money from the other 2 parts that he will accept.
As I gotten back to counter John nodge the items towatds me and thank you and God bless.
And I replied back to him. I'm not leaving I would like to have money for the other 2 parts and I go to another store.
John said No!
We don't want your business.
I asked him why not?
He said you called the cooperate office on me.
And I have to leave the store.
I immediately started to record him.
Att that time he called over security and told me to get out of his store, which did came over and which
I also video record our conversation.
On my way out I said to him, John maybe by Monday you will here from your cooperate office and you loose a day pay be retrained in customer service. And left for another store, which another Manger look into my history and found the serial numbers. And Refunded my full money amount for the parts. And had conversation asking what happen. He told that manager quote that I was getting crazy and being rude.
At no time did I use any profanity, or called him any names, or make any threats. Neither did John use any profanity, called me any names, or threats.
I have made a complaint on Sept 2nd and have not herd back from the regional office.
I looking to have this investigate, I have a been coming to particular store for many years. And I appreciate the Autozone brand, I have been save by the Autozone brand and service. This one person won't diminish the integrity of the brand but his actions can corrupt others.

I like to speak with someone regarding this dispute.
19.10.2023 19:28
Staff is helpful need to reatock a lots of items
19.10.2023 19:28
Good selection and helpful employees.
19.10.2023 19:28
Are you kidding? Autozone is the best!
19.10.2023 19:28
This store is heartless for real I drove from Brooklyn and the lady with the Grey shirt refused to do a return, I was told at 9 is the company cutoff time smh. After my return I'll stay away from this store, maybe a part store in Brooklyn. The bx is no bueno people
19.10.2023 19:27
Fue de lo peor . Estaban en línea al frente de uña cajero para pagar el cajero me dice pase a la otra caja cuando me pongo al gerente de la señorita que estaba en la caja . La señorita me grita con actitud que por que me moví a su fila le expliqué que fue su compañero que me dijo que pasara a esa línea de ella y me siguió preguntando gritándome como loca .,creo que alguien la grabó por que hasta los voy a demandar por la manera en que me trato . Y le pregunté por que me gritas y pasó a decir mire ahora por preguntar no lo voy a atender una arrogancia además . La peor experiencia de mi vida .


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