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Reviews about , услуга AutoZone Auto Parts

23.10.2023 13:38
I was able to get my battery quick and easy
23.10.2023 13:38
This store is awful. There is almost always a line backed up into the isles, one or two employees who rarely get in a hurry for anything. Ordered oil and filter online at 1:30 pm. It has now been 7 hours and my order still isn't ready for pickup.
23.10.2023 13:38
The young man had a horrible attitude when I asked questions. Seemed very entitled. I probably won't be going there.
23.10.2023 13:37
I am only giving one star because I have to. If I could leave zero stars I would. This is an auto parts store so first I would suggest you hire people who actually know something about car parts. I asked the employee to please take a look at the part of my car that was messed up and see if he could find the part to fix it. He proceeds to find a part he “thinks may work but he isnt sure”…. Then he tells me I need to remove a piece of the part that is still intact to the car. I couldn’t get the piece removed so I asked him if he had any sort of tool that could help remove it and he said no. Then I realized why the hell is he telling me to remove a part of my car when he just said he wasn’t even sure if the part he found would fix my car. So basically he almost made me mess up my car even more than it already is. I told him why would you even tell me to do that when you dont even know if the part you found is going to fix it. This employee had a HORRIBLE attitude like I was bothering him by even asking for his help. That is his JOB. HORRIBLE customer service. Will not be back.


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