Butterfield Market - Lexington

New York City, 1114 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10075

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Reviews about Butterfield Market - Lexington

23.01.2024 18:10
I’ve been going there for years to get coffee, snacks, some lunches and it’s just ok. Their produce and prepared food prices are the highest you have ever seen in your life. And some of the baked goods are not high quality. There’s not much else like this in the near vicinity so I understand the appeal for convenience.
23.01.2024 18:10
My favorite thing about this place, and the thing that has me trekking from across town is the seasonal hot chocolate. At just over $7 for a large cup with delicious marshmallow (or whipped cream), the icing on top is that they don't try to guilt you into tipping when you're paying for it!
23.01.2024 18:07
This is a high end Upper East Side deli / market. The best part of this place is their massive selection. Besides the typical groceries and produce, they also sell their own food. You will find sandwiches, a bakery section, and entire racks of premade meals and sides (salads, rice and beans, mac and cheese, etc.). They even sell their own store branded bottles of juices and soft drinks. As a result, a lot of their food is fresher and more natural than all the processed stuff out there. However, what brings this place down a little is they are too pricey. Everything is around double of what it could be. Premade meals are in the $15+ range and small sides can be $7 or $8. If you were looking for premade food, you can find even better and much cheaper at places like Chipotle, Pret A Manger, or Dig Inn.


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