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Tribeca Pediatrics, Long Island City is located at the heart of Long Island City in Queens, just a few short blocks from the East River, and all that the neighborhood has to offer. The office sits at the corner of 47th Road on lively Vernon Boulevard, and is staffed by the very best pediatricians offering top quality pediatric care to all kids in Long Island City, and beyond.

ABOUT Tribeca Pediatrics

With over 40 offices conveniently located across NYC, New Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island, we’re able to provide top quality pediatric care, exactly where you need it; near you.

Our medical team is comprised of the best pediatricians and nurse practitioners in the tri-state area. With a diverse and experienced team, we’re confident you’ll find a great fit.

24/7 medical guidance Convenient online scheduling Complimentary forms and medical records Weekend and evening hours Same day sick and virtual visits

In order to provide exceptional care to all kids, we are proud to accept most major insurance and Managed-Care Medicaid.

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Reviews about Tribeca Pediatrics LONG ISLAND CITY

15.11.2023 20:53
When I made an appointment, the staff I spoke with was able to get an appointment for my kids the following week. It was much appreciated as my kids' annual check-up was past due, and delaying it further would only result in future annual appointments getting pushed back. All the doctors and practitioners my kids had were always friendly. My kid still remember Kelly from his previous visits. Throughout the check-in and check-out process, the staff remained friendly and made everything run smoothly.

My kid thought Kim was nice. However, we didn't have a positive impression of Lucia, the new Practitioner. My kid described her as "strict."

During the appointment, I was asked if I had any questions or concerns, so I brought up my observations to Lucia. Unfortunately, the answers I received were not helpful and only made matters worse. Lucia seemed insensitive to both kids and adults. She even asked me if I stay at home or work, a question that shouldn't affect the response I received. She judged me and told me what I should be doing as a parent. She even brought up about my kid talking back while I was having a conversation with her. On top of that, she mentioned how her own parents would never tolerate such behavior and would subject her to severe punishment if she acted that way. When she was talking, I asked a question thinking she was done but it turn out she was not. Then she went ahead and made a comment saying "now I see why he is that way". My kid even said she thinks I am a bad parent.

To improve the experience, here are a few suggestions:

- Asking the patient how to pronounce their name.

It would be good to ask the patient how to pronounce their name because pronouncing someone's name correctly is a sign of respect and acknowledgement of their identity. It shows that you value and care about them.

- Providing the option to test for nutrition deficiency

Research has demonstrated that nutrition plays a significant role in influencing behavior. Therefore, it would be beneficial for parents to have the freedom to request nutrition deficiency testing for their children. By being able to identify any potential deficiencies, parents can make informed decisions about providing the right amount of supplements or adjusting their child's diet accordingly. Empowering parents with the ability to access such testing can contribute to promoting optimal nutrition and supporting their child's overall well-being.

- Sending growth charts and vaccine records to both parents after each annual visit.

It would be highly beneficial if the pediatric office could automatically send by email the growth charts and vaccine records to both parents after each annual visit. This is particularly important when both parents are unable to attend the visit together and when the kids need these records for school or camp enrollment, as it is often a requirement. Having easy access to these records would facilitate smoother communication and ensure that both parents are well-informed about their child's health and immunization history.

- Bring awareness about febrile seizures

Febrile seizures can be extremely frightening for parents and caregivers who witness them for the first time. When I say frightening, I mean thinking the child is dying. By raising awareness and providing accurate information about the nature of febrile seizures, it can help alleviate anxiety and provide reassurance.

Overall, it was the worst experience I've ever had, and it came as a shock considering Tribeca Pediatric's reputation. Lucia displayed poor bedside manner and, in my opinion, she is not suitable to work as a Practitioner at a pediatric office.
15.11.2023 20:52
My daughter has been a patient here for years and the care is always great. Today we saw Dr Fabrizio for the second time and i am beyond satisfied her bedside manner is amazing. When my daughter was sick she called and did a follow up to check in and see how everything was going. Amazing drs and nurses thank you for the great care!!
15.11.2023 20:52
Awful experience. The online info session for new parents was great, but trying to get an intake consultation to assess if pediatrician is a good fit for your family is awful. My questions have gone ignored in the patient portal, and every encounter is rerouted to speak on automated phone system. When I finally got a live agent on the line, they had no idea what an intake consultation was and redirected me to the website. When I said I already did that step, created a portal, attended a session and now am interested in a consultation, they hung up on me. I also tried following up via phone extension from the info session and the call drops before there’s any answering service. I tried for over 3 weeks and not worth the hassle to get setup here as a new patient.
15.11.2023 20:52
I was deeply disappointed by the front desk and billing staff's attitude. Instead of being met with the understanding that one expects from a pediatric office, I encountered rudeness and a lack of willingness to address concerns even after years as a patient. On multiple occasions, I tried to work with them to fix certain issues, the uncooperative demeanor made the experience very stressful, which is the last thing a parent needs when seeking medical care for their child. I truly hope the management takes note and ensures that the full team aligns with the kind care that pediatric services should ideally provide.


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