New York Philharmonic

New York City, 10 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023

The New York Philharmonic plays a leading cultural role in New York, the United States and the world. Each season, the Philharmonic connects with 50 million music lovers through live concerts in New York City as well as worldwide tours; digital recording series; international broadcasts; educational programs.

The oldest American symphony orchestra and one of the oldest in the world, the New York Philharmonic has made more than 2,000 recordings since 1917 and released its first-ever Facebook Live concert broadcast in 2016

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Reviews about New York Philharmonic

29.10.2023 16:18
Sala fantástica de conciertos.
La programación de la filarmónica es muy variada y llena de grandes nombres.

Recomendable, entradas baratas de última hora.
29.10.2023 16:18
A must if you love music and live in the city. One of those New York establishments that are absolutely worth experiencing at least once (or more than once if you love classical music). The new David Geffen Hall has great new options for classic and speciality shows.

Pro tips:
1. If you want to see a show, go to the speciality show
2. If you want a new point of view, sit behind the orchestra
29.10.2023 16:17
Love the new renovations. A lot of thought went in to the details.The sound quality is now excellent.


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