FOOD BAZAAR Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

(718) 532-0530
New York City, 21 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY


Some of the stuff is olda week or so that is rong and the one on 174 in cament bloods

My favorite store. Company bbq. I'm in charge of the burgers.

This Store is always Clean and the Stuff is always Fresh. The Deli to the Seafood.

The store has a great selection of desserts. It's perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Everything perfect except i can not buy vegetables and plants,i was thinking they have but no.

Great big good values in this supermarket...

Very wide selection of food including Latin, Asian isle and extensive deli section

This is where I do most of my grocery shopping, been shopping here for years.....every 2weeks. The Employees are very helpful and hard working, they are always ready to assist. Prices could vary from time to time it also depends on the time of year, but other than that it's decent. And I do have friends and family who also shop here.

The food here is pretty fresh. Everything is neat and orderly... The cashiers were helpful... It was an overall good experience!

They got all your every needs in food or nonfood items you need and at a real fine reasonable price. They even got their own fish market in there with any water fish you may want . Man , this place is so good you can spend all day in there and not get bored and it's fun too . You need to know places and things , come to me , I love helping people, I get a kick out of it . Go to FOOD BAZAAR and enjoy your day

My shopping store 4 small stuff. Beside getting rid of bottles.

Staffs should educate their customers, or they never know what is “express lane, 10 items or less”.

Awesome market!! Great personnel, and the items are very good. I can find a lot of stuff from different cultures. I love it.

We pride ourselves on going to great lengths in order to provide each of the communities that we serve with the flavors that they love and recall from "back home." In fact, it is our passion! We devote aisles of space to international and mainstream groceries, dairy/frozen items, a full-service fish market within most of our stores and a custom cutting meat department. Our stores are located in many different neighborhoods, each vibrant with numerous ethnicities and nationalities, and their corresponding cultures and flavors.

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Reviews about FOOD BAZAAR Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

27.08.2023 15:16
Food Bazaar is not the greatest of supermarket, the items at times are all mixed on the shelves. The stock don't know where certain items are, even when the item is in the isle that they are stocking. And the Cold cuts section, is a mess, only two counter persons. One makes sandwiches and the other cuts the cold cuts both work as slow as possible. And the line at the counter always has over several people. So if you want to order, be prepared to wait.... Since they never staff the counter with extra staff.... Don't recommend FB, use it as a very last choice !!!
27.08.2023 15:16
Tiene todos mis productos peruanos..muy buen supermercado
27.08.2023 15:16
Excelente personal,lo único es que es muy frio,pero es excelente supermercado ahí encontrara de todo un poco.
27.08.2023 15:16
Economic. Maybe they just need to keep more organized. But is a better option to buy in economy way
27.08.2023 15:15
Everything is fresh, and I always find what I need.
26.04.2023 14:37
Great place to purchase all the products including fresh fish and chicken


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