My NYC Dentist Нью-Йорк 34th St. Dental

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Город Нью-Йорк, 225 W.35th Street 2nd Floor

Стоматологическая клиника на 34-ой улице

Часы работы:

Понедельник - Пятница с 8-30 до 18-00

Суббота с 9-00 до 12-00

Воскресенье закрыто

Сеть стоматологических практик Май Нью-Йорк Сити дантист работает более 20 лет и имеет 5 офисов в Нью-Йорке.

Welcome to MY NYC Dentist we are a full service, diversified group of dental practices in the NYC area that participates with most major dental insurance plans. 

We specialize in all areas of dentistry, with a focus on making our patients feel comfortable during any dental procedure. We have been catering to the business and residential communities for over 20 years and welcome the opportunity to see you at one of our locations for all of your dental needs.

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