New York City, 544 W 113th St, New York, NY 10025

Symposiums of ancient Greece, were gatherings of people, eating together, drinking wines, and conversing about philosophy, arts, and politics, in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere.

The Greek artist Yannis Posnakoff (1933- 2020), created the Symposium Taverna, envisioning a place where Columbia students, professors, residents, and visitors can share a space, where traditional Greek food, wines, and a cozy atmosphere can be found.

Thanks to our experience and dedication, we’ve managed to become masters of the craft. Providing dishes that are fresh, hearty, and simply unforgettable.


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I ordered take out from here the other day and boy is the staff rude. They looked at me like I was speaking a different language. I learned about this place from google, and wanted to check out but they should really improve their customer service, does not make you want to come back.

This restaurant is reminiscent of old style New York City homes with brick walls, wooden panels, and low lit environment. The service Sunday evening was excellent and delightful. The meal was delicious and well served.

An old Columbia University neighborhood favorite with new management. The old menu has been retained and expanded, but that’s all that has bern changed: Original ceiling and ‘60’s era paintings still give the place a nostalgic aura. Long ago, student neighbors were married at this inexpensive and welcoming place.

If you are a fan of Greek food this place is the one ! Amazing food and outstanding service, Elena and Nino are very nice and professional. We loved every single thing we tried from Dips platter to grilled calamari, chicken gyro lamb souvlaki and lamb shank. The wine , the beers and the sangria are also delicious. I would recommend this place to everyone. Thank you Symposium for an amazing dinner.

They finally have whole fish (again?)! The waiter remembered me and told me about it when I sat down (lol, I always ask if it's available when I go in), I ordered it immediately and was not let down.

New owners have taken over and changed the ambiance and some menu choices (nothing wrong with that). Luckily, the same server the one mentioned above) for over 25 years is still there. The lights are now dimmed to a comfortable level as well. I wish they'd add a simply sautéed side veggie, or who knows, maybe they do, and I missed it? I would've loved that with my fish (nothing wrong with the sides that came with it though) and I do think the lemon potatoes could use a little work, but, there are zero points taken off, I'll continue to return over and over.

The food was tasty, but the portion sizes were way too small for the price ($25 for a small piece of salmon, a little rice and a few vegetables). I left hungry.

Great local Greek restaurant with so much history and culture. Truly a staple and gem in the area. The place is filled with art from a great Greek artist. The food is authentic and delicious. The servers are friendly and exudes pride for the place.

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Reviews about , услуга Symposium

21.12.2023 21:32
Awesome food and atmosphere, but very hot inside, I guess they don't have an AC
21.12.2023 21:32
Sure. The Calamari was all bread and no Calamari. It disintegrated in your mouth could not finish. The one small bite of calamari I found was more chewy than bubble gum and the whole dish reeked of stinky fish. The Moussaka was not only cold in the middle but also the béchamel was cold too with no flavor. You must have gone from the fridge to the plate. The lamb was bland and the vegetables over grilled. It was worse than taking a microwave lasagna out of the freezer and just eating it cold. The waiter was very nice though but not at all apologetic nor did anything to correct how upset it was apparent I was. It’s not his fault the kitchen was putting out embarrassing stuff but he could pay attention.
21.12.2023 21:32
Great food! Just a bit long of a wait so it can be tough to eat within the lunch hour.
21.12.2023 21:31
Wow! I love this place, super delicious Greek food and absolutely wonderful customer service! Portions are large and the prices are reasonable. Our lovely server went above and beyond to ensure we had a very nice meal. Highly recommend!
29.04.2023 15:07
Greek unpretentious Greek cooking and atmosphere - so very rare in the city now :/ They even have house red/white wine by the glass, 1/2 & full carafe. Established in 1969 and hasn't changed, which is a very good thing. Take a step back in time when most restaurants were like this here...


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