The Russian Tea Room

New York City, 150 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

The Russian Tea Room is a treasured, globally renowned cultural institution where people of all ages and backgrounds have been having unforgettable dining and celebratory experiences for 96 years.
Founded by the Russian Imperial Ballet in 1927, our beloved establishment remains a sanctuary of fine cuisine and elegance and a bastion of delectable, decadent, glamorous fun. Join us for a luxurious, world-class experience of unparalleled quality and exceptional value.

The most interesting reviews

Beautiful place!! We had afternoon tea, and the sandwiches and scones were delicious! The small pastries were a bit too sweet for me. Price are high($90/p.p.), but you can feel like having a short trip to imperial Russia!

If you like quiet low energy, where you can calm down and enjoy nice food, this is a great place. The only reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is because it is not a great place for kids.

Lovely people. Wonderful tea and very accommodating. They have vegetarian options for high tea which I was very grateful for. Their good reputation is well earned.

Imagine you were born a Russian Oligarch and you have a penchant for real silverware, palatial dining halls, caviar, and (albeit overpriced) perfectly brined martinis. That’s what the Russian Tea Room is like. You’ll be served by serious but kind staff donned in old fashioned high end suits with tails. You’ll pay too much for your drinks but you won’t regret it. The food is quite affordable and delicious.

The restaurant is beautiful. The service was ok. The food is really average. We had onion soup, beef Wellington, and lamb chop. My kid felt sick on the way back to our hotel. But it could be something else.

I've wanted to try this place for a long time. I'm glad I tried it but don't need to go back.

Pros:  it's kitschy fun, staff are attentive and friendly,  volume of food is good, tea sandwiches are flavourful, scones are served warm. Cons:  they use tea bags instead of loose tea and nothing to put the tea bag on after it has steeped, presentation is underwhelming,  no clotted or Devonshire cream with scones and jam is your typical grocery store kind,  other sweets are dry and unimpressive, strong musty smell when you walk in. We've experienced the afternoon tea at various places such as The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, BC and The Savoy in London - the Russian Tea Room doesn't come close to equalling either of these experiences.  It has so much potential and history behind it but they don't do it justice and doesn't provide value for what it costs.

I went there last Friday and ordered borscht and beef Wellington. Frankly, it is a disappointment and I probably will not return next time I go to NYC. Borscht was good but I expected a lot more (at least it should be much, much better than what I can make) for $28 a bowl. Beef Wellington was... what to say... tragic? When I cut into the first piece, it disintegrated--meat and pastry. The first piece was a bit chewy (not what I expected from expensive tenderloin), though the second one was good, meatwise (it still disintegrated on the first cutting). I know beef Wellington is very difficult, but I paid $58. I probably should have ordered baked salmon in pastry (I had fond memories eating it in this restaurant). And just one piece of bread? Seriously?

You can read the Wikipedia article for the Russian Tea Room's checkered past and some of the somewhat negative reviews. However our experience was wonderful. The dushbara and pelmeni (traditional Russian dumplings although very different) and beef stroganoff and chicken Kiev were of the highest quality, the service was outstanding. The owners are also against Putin's War so it is politically correct to come here. Highly recommended.

I had caviar for the first time in my life at this restaurant and I don't think I'll ever eat anything ever again as delicious as that meal. This restaurant will go down as one of the all-time greatest meals of my life and I would truly recommend every single human being to spend the money. Enjoy yourself because I know I did.

I went with my husband and 2 friends for dinner, we loved it! had a great time, food was excellent and staff was amazing. Going back in a few weeks for the tea service.

The presentation of the food was nice but I think it lacked a little seasoning. Everyone in my party thought so and we thought maybe it was just us but then I saw other tables request salt too we weren't alone in thinking the dishes were missing something. The staff were very mechanical but I say that not in a mean way, they moved like an organized dance, everyone had a job. Really good atmosphere, gave a real old New York vibe. The cheesecake was the best thing I ate. And the cocktail was delicious albeit pricey. Maybe I'd come back and try other dishes to see those were more flavorful.


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Reviews about The Russian Tea Room

23.12.2023 00:41
This is legitimately the best restaurant I have ever been to. Like ever. The food is absolutely AMAZING, service is awesome, and the atmosphere of the place is unarguably so, so good. I came here when I was visiting New York City and…just come here I don’t care what anybody says I would give this six stars if I could. Recommend so much. Come here. Now. Best restaurant to every record I own!
23.12.2023 00:41
Fantastic! Haven’t been here in years, but just as wonderful as ever!
23.12.2023 00:40
When my friend asked for a dessert wine with their dinner, the server questioned my friend's choice and explained what dessert wines were. My friend loves dessert wines as a drink, and did not not appreciate being questioned, as that is what they ordered. Our server did not ask us how our food was once. Our bread came after our meal was started. We were drinking sparkling water, and had half a glass left, a server came and filled it up with still water without asking me what I was drinking, when I told them that it was sparkling, they just said "sorry" and left. The food was tasty, but small portions. I would have expected better service for the price.
23.12.2023 00:40
I don’t know how this place holds a 4 star review. I was here yesterday with my whole family and it was a horrible experience. The service is extremely slow, and when I was able to get a waiter to help us, he did not want to because he was not our waiter. Ridiculous but ok. Secondly, as we were ordering the waiter demanded that we take some items off as it was “too much food”. Excuse me? We can decide for ourselves what is too much and what isn’t enough. What difference does it make to you? First time I’ve ever heard a waiter say this to me. Food itself was very bland, I could have made a better meal in my own home. Presentation was nothing special as well, looked like something you’d get at a hospital. Maybe this place was better back in the day but they definitely need to update their menu and fire some old waiters who should retire. Very disappointed at my experience here considering I had heard so many good things about it.
23.12.2023 00:40
Good but expensive for what it was.
23.12.2023 00:39
The atmosphere is great. Service is meh. Desserts were not bad. The thing that shocked me was that they literally serve the tea made with Harney & Sons tea bags which you can find at any grocery store. I expected more from such an iconic place and wouldn’t recommend unless you are going for the ambiance.
23.12.2023 00:39
I was disappointed. I hate to say it, but the negative reviews were mostly correct.

Upon walking in, we were amazed by the decor and atmosphere, during Christmas holidays, having seasonal music playing and a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Waiters well dressed and a playful vibe, I was excited. We waited 5 minutes before we were greeted at the door, which isn't terrible, but again, this is meant to be an upscale restaurant.

The menu isn't bad, again, upscale restaurant, with a good variety of good options at a higher than average price. The drinks were very expensive, including a $9 watered down 1/2 can of coke. We ordered a beef wellington and boeuf stroganoff. The stroganoff tasted very good, with the right amount of seasoning and mushroom flavor. The beef was braised perfectly, so I do recommend this dish.

The beef wellington, as you'll see in the picture, was extremely underwhelming. The whole presentation was bland and almost looked unappetizing. The mashed potatoes were good, but not $12 worth, especially for the portion. I sadly wouldn't return especially knowing there are other options out there.
23.12.2023 00:39
My wife and I come here for afternoon tea as part of our Christmas time festivities. It's in walking distance of rockefeller center and the horse drawn carriages. The place is beautiful and the whole experience is great.
23.12.2023 00:38
Good beef stroganoff & borscht. But I didn't receive a spoon until long after the soup was cold, the server disappeared for a very long time, my husband's cod was dry & flavorless, his asparagus was missing, & we were charged for a drink we never ordered. The restaurant didn't take the cod off the bill.
23.12.2023 00:38
Fantastic atmosphere. But wxpect high prices.
23.12.2023 00:38
Whoever works in the kitchen has never been to a Russia or any post Soviet country; the food tastes nothing close to authentic. The ambience, decor and service were nice.
23.12.2023 00:38
Tourist trap. Serve you tea you can get from any grocery store, dry sandwiches, and box cake/icing. Servers understaffed. For $125 pp it was clear this is a tourist trap.
23.12.2023 00:37
We enjoyed an amazing dinner before the play. The service is excellent. We loved every minute of our experience and the food
30.04.2023 15:17
Beautiful atmosphere, delicious food, and courteous and professional staff. Really good vegetarian options.


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