Tacos El Bronco

New York City, 4324 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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SPECTACULAR FOOD AND THE HORCHATA WAS SPOT ON!! I had about 4 tacos the carne y Al pastor ! Definitely delicious and we split a Shrimp Cocktail- first time trying it and definitely great impression! Would recommend everyone who is in the area to stop by and try them out!

The night before I tried their food truck and was amazing, tacos campechanos taste exactly like in mexico and so does the agua de horchata, however enchiladas were not my fav

Es impio, personal es amable y hay variedad de comida mexicana.

Would highly recommend. Took train all the way from West Village to eat here. Tacos are huge, affordable, and delicious. Fajitas came out sizzling and were also great.

Amazing food and great service! Can’t wait to return!

Excelente atención.... Todo muy rico.

Great tacos!! Service could be better. Servers ignored us for ~20 minutes and tended to other customers.

Lugar pequeño pero bien organizado para tener bien acomodado a la gente ya sea individual, parejas o grupos de más de 4 personas, Los platillos algunos son de regulares a buenos y otros excelentes como los tacos de tripa y Tonga junto con las aguas naturales de Horchata/piña.

El estacionamiento es lo dicifil de conseguir ya que debes encontrar algo en la vía pública Este Restaurant tiene Trucks dispersos en varios puntos de la ciudad en el área de Brooklyn así que si no quieres batallar por encontrar estacionamiento te sugiero busques uno de estos.

the complimentary salsa that you get upon arrival is extremely good and they know it. tacos and pozole are fantastic. cabeza and al pastor are favorites here. almost always fantastic, but on rare occasion the griddling might be substandard and the protein will lack the crispy bits. prices are almost too good to be true.

I had 4 tacos. Food is good. Just the service. Needs lots of improvement

Been coming here since 2014. They serve free chips and salsa. The salsa is phenomenal!

19 choices for taco fillings! Think authentic street taco. No cheese. Soft tortillas with the filling of your choice with avocado, cilantro, etc. They come with roasted green onion bulbs. Red and green salsa are provided to spice it up. I also love the shrimp cocktail. It's essentially cooked and chilled shrimp in a large glass of tomato-based sauce that's spicy and sweet with avocado and onion. We've had many dishes here and have never been disappointed.

The staff is friendly and pays frequent attention to us. Always seated right away. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. The inside is nothing fancy but has gorgeous murals and a few TVs tuned to football or Mexican music videos. They've got several food trucks in the area as well with limited menus focused on tacos. They do deliver. Overall, our favorite Mexican restaurant in NYC for authentic inexpensive cuisine.

Amazing tacos. The reason we gave it only 3 stars was because my wife asked for a sip of the horchata drink and they charged us a full price for it. Another thing we notice is that they added another order of tacos without us asking for it. I overheard another couple complain to the waiter about the same issue, he was complaining about being charge for more than he asked but the waiter told him you ate so now you have to pay. These sneaky extra charges makes people not want to come back here again. So sad because the tacos are amazing.

P.S my wife order additional topping cheese and lettuce on her 3 order of small tacos and they charged us $13 extra fee.

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Reviews about Tacos El Bronco

21.12.2023 22:00
As a mexicain I'm proud to say the place and food were both amazing! I loved the first bite out of that taco. So delicious, definitely going again. The service was okay my friends and I waited like 30 mins trying to get the bill but overall it was great!
21.12.2023 22:00
I ordered the beef nachos for $15. When I opened it it looked like it was worth $5. I couldn’t believe how little it came with. I called them and they said it comes with 2 tortillas cut up into 8 piece and then a little tiny bit of beef, beans, lettuce and guacamole. so disappointed. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
21.12.2023 21:59
Definitely a great spot for food
21.12.2023 21:59
Really good Al pastor tacos. Just like the real thing from CDMX!
21.12.2023 21:59
Fabulous food, we went back for a second night during our NYC trip. Every we had was great. The Beef tongue tacos were great the meat just fell apart in your mouth. enchiladas had tonnes of flavour. I actually had a mix up I'm my order and was served the wrong dish but it was a plate I had being thinking about. Just went with it and it didn't disappoint. I just took it as a sign that I was supposed to have it.
21.12.2023 21:58
Unfortunately, this experience fell short of our expectations, especially when compared to the excellence of their food truck counterpart. For a truly satisfying visit, focusing solely on their well-crafted tacos is advisable. Although the sopes we commenced our meal with were a culinary highlight, our chosen main courses—Steak Fajita and Chilaquiles Verde with steak—proved disappointing.

Regrettably, my side order of tortillas was forgotten, requiring a prolonged wait and futile attempts to catch the attention of the staff stationed behind the counter. The chilaquiles arrived with an overly dense sauce and oily undertones, straying from the anticipated authenticity of flavors. Additionally, the steak was lamentably overcooked, challenging its palatability and bearing an unusual taste profile.

We sought resolution by inquiring about an alternative order or a remake with our waitress. Regrettably, her response conveyed that such actions would entail extra charges—a policy seemingly incongruent with the subpar quality of the dish. The overall service was disappointing, leaving an unfavorable impression that’s hard to reframe positively.

A gesture of goodwill, such as an alternative dish or a discounted price, would have been appreciated, especially considering the $55 cost of the unsatisfying meal. The absence of acknowledgment for our disappointment underscored the lackluster encounter.
21.12.2023 21:58
Excelente servicio la comida muy rica
07.05.2023 15:07
Muy buena comida


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