Carniceria El Ranchito

Индианаполис, 601 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227


A lot of the workers there don't speak clear English, and my Spanish is even worse, so I use my phone to translate what type of meat I want,

A lot of people don't want to eat liver anymore, but if you do... this place sells it fresh. I like it floured & fried with onions, or boiled in chicken broth, then into the food processor, mixed with brown rice, peppers & seasonings Their meat counter is full from one end to the other, and they many times have 4 or 5 men working it, taking care of customers. Kinda old school

My mom went to buy shrimp yesterday and she wanted shrimp from the butcher shop, the ones that already come without the shell, and one of the gentlemen answered her "there they are in the refrigerator in the bags" but those were with the shells, I answered in a way like that Those from there at the butcher shop did not want to give it. And since my mom doesn't like to argue like other clients, I'll take that one and that's it. But in that store there are some good workers who are good with customers and some who are not, and the same goes for the women/girls who work there, some who are good and one who has character and sometimes they give you your things reluctantly. Most of the problem is that they are mean to their customers. I don't know how they are like that. The comments that I have read are more about treating customers badly and bad service

Bad service, expensive and also they charge you an extra dollar if you try to pay swiping your card, it’s better to avoid there a better Mexican stores with better prices, products and service because people here they’re rude

Very good Mexican grocery store. I love their food, Specially the flavor of the roasted chicken and the azada (chair broil steak) on tacos, tortas or quesadillas. This place deserves five stars but their bathrooms are old and really nasty. Someone needs to pay attention to that.

I eat at this establishment almost daily. As I work on Sumner street & their tacos are really good. I have to say I'm very disappointed in the service I received today. I purchased 3 chicken (pollo) tacos and was charged and given steak (asada) tacos. When I brought the mistake to the attention of the cashier. She argued with me and stated i would have to repurchase in order to recieve the correct order. I told her I think that is absurd and I will not repay as chicken is cheaper than steak. Another co-worker procceeds to enter our conversation stating Ive done this before. When i corrected her and stated I know my whole staff frequents the resturant and she is mistaking me for someone else.I have never had a problem with my food til today. She (the other staff member) wanted to loud talk me and tell me im not receiving either the food or refund i should leave the establishment with no products or money back, and return Monday when a manager is available. I had contacted IMPD to recieve either my food or refund. When IMPD arrived they magically had a manager on duty and all of sudden didn't mindnd remaking my food. Today was a horrible experience . I asked for the names of the employess and manager so that i may make a complaint. They literally told me they speak no english. So. I thought to leave this review to tell the world spend your money where it is appreciated and not taken for granted. God Bless El Ranchito !

A very clean store. The food from the restaurant is fantastic. And the grocery prices are average

Очень чистый магазин. Еда из ресторана фантастическая. И цены на продукты средние.

Great produce, great prices, but everyone looks at me like I'm an alien with 4 heads when I shop here

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Отзывы про Carniceria El Ranchito

09.04.2023 12:54
Was told best Mexican food in town so had to try this hidden gem. Mexican Grocery with a Mexican Restaurant inside.
Tried the steak street tacos and enjoyed. Liked the salsa verde.
Canned soda and punch type drinks on tap.
Will return to try something else and also check out the bakery.
Grocery has many Mexican and Latin American favorites.


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