Ann's Grocery

Little Rock, 1623 Cedar St, North Little Rock, AR 72114


This is in "the Hood" but you'll get the best ready-to-eat tuna (in personal size cups) banana pudding, & made to order bologna sandwich EVER!! And they have fried ribs - which I had never seen or tasted before. They also have a good assortment of deli meats they'll cut to order. Don't be put off by the location, the staff is nice & friendly and all who come in - no matter how they look - know to be on their best behavior. I just found this store a few years ago but was told they've been there for many, many years. You might want to call before coming just in case they've sold out of what you want. I don't think you'll regret a visit.

A nice, clean family oreinted store. The staff always greet me. They stay on task and provide me with great service. The food is great but salads are the ultimate satisfaction! Thx so much!

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Reviews about Ann's Grocery

13.10.2023 21:22
This is the best place to come to in North Little Rock. You will not be disappointed! My favorite are the fried chicken, fried pork chops, and chilli and cheese nachos.
13.10.2023 21:22
Best sandwiches in North Little Rock, definitely made with love!


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