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Little Rock, 500 S University Ave #816, Little Rock, AR 72205

Dana Abraham was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduating from Dartmouth College, she attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, graduating in 1989. She completed a General Surgery residency and Breast Fellowship at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Abraham moved back to Little Rock in 1995 to establish her private practice in Breast Surgical Oncology.

She founded the Abraham Breast Clinic in 2007. Her mission is to provide compassionate care in a comfortable setting. Since any breast issue can cause anxiety, she takes pride in her bedside manner and ability to connect with her patients and their families.
Dr. Abraham performs most breast procedures at Arkansas Surgical Hospital.

Combining oncologic treatment of breast cancer with the principles of plastic and reconstructive surgery to avoid the disfigurement of the breast. Procedures Include: Ultrasound Cyst aspiration Excisional breast biopsies Needle localized excisional breast biopsies Abscess care Breast reductions Mastectomies without reconstruction Skin and nipple sparing mastectomies (with immediate reconstruction performed by a plastic surgeon) Sentinel lymph node biopsies Lumpectomies Lumpectomies with Oncoplastic Closure Oncoplastic breast reductions

Dr. Abraham began practicing breast surgical oncology in 1995. In 2011, she added oncoplastic procedures to her practice. She attended a hands-on workshop taught by leaders in the field. She worked with a leading local plastic surgeon to hone her techniques. Competence is divided into levels of complexity and amount of training required. She has now attended two Oncoplastic hands-on courses, and can now offer Level 2 procedures to all of her patients. This is a relatively new field that combines the oncologic treatment of breast cancer with the principles of plastic and reconstructive surgery. This is one of the newest directions in breast conservation. The overall concept is to avoid disfigurement of the breast. This approach takes into account the oncologic safety of various procedures, as well as the anatomic considerations and preservation of form and function.

The choice of procedure is based largely on the location of the tumor and the size and shape of the breast. Traditionally, tumors located in the lower breast were associated with significant ‘bird’s beak’ deformity. Now, by careful placement of incisions, mobilization of the remaining tissue to replace lost volume, and moving the nipple up, we can avoid this. A procedure on the opposite side may also be required to restore symmetry. The goal is to keep the nipple-areolar complexes even and maintain a normal shaped breast mound.

Breast surgeons with Level 2 training are routinely performing traditional breast reductions. In general, we try to avoid any future surgery on a radiated breast. For this reason, women who present with preexisting symptoms of back and neck pain due to their large breasts benefit from having their symptoms addressed prior to the radiation therapy that is associated with breast conservation. The oncologic principles of clear margins and axillary staging are included. Significant ptosis can also be corrected. This is a very exciting new direction in the management of breast cancer. The law mandates these procedures be covered by insurance, since they are part of breast cancer care. A breast reduction on the contralateral breast, to recreate symmetry, is an example of a covered procedure.

For reconstructive procedures following a mastectomy, which are Level 3, she works with several excellent plastic surgeons.

All Beautiful Concerns is the cosmetic side of Dr. Abraham’s practice. Through this side, she can offer reductions and other procedures not covered by insurance. Procedures Include: Reductions without insurance restrictions (results in a mastopexy, or breast lift) Major wound and scar revisions Minor wound and scar revisions Skin ‘lump and bump’ removal

A breast lift (mastopexy) is considered a cosmetic procedure. It is never covered by insurance. All breast reductions result in a breast lift. In order for insurance to cover a breast reduction, the companies have strict requirements about the minimum amount of tissue that must be removed. This identifies women whose breasts are disproportionately large for their body size.

For many ladies who are uncomfortable, removing this amount would leave the breasts unacceptably small. Through All Beautiful Concerns, Dr. Abraham can perform a breast lift, with or without a reduction in size. A breast lift simply tightens the skin envelope around the breast tissue. The nipples are moved back up above the breast fold, improving the appearance of the breast.

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Reviews about , специалист Abraham Dana MD

06.11.2023 20:36
After waking up with a lump under my arm the March COVID started in 2020, I was referred to Dr. Abraham. She and her staff were heaven-sent. She referred me to Dr. Thomas Sneed at Carti. After 24 rounds of chemo, thankfully, the tumor shrunk immediately, and Dr. Abraham was able to remove a lymph node along with a flat closure bilateral mastectomy. I was scared to death, and was very grateful to wake up from the procedure knowing it was behind me now. She is an incredibly skilled surgeon with a practice second to none. I highly recommend her.
06.11.2023 20:36
I love Dr. Abraham!!! My daughter was referred to her by her PCP for an issue we were worried about concerning her left breast. Dr. Abraham ran tests and quickly figured out the problem. She was very informative and told us how to fix the issue. Herself and a cosmetic surgeon performed the surgery my daughter needed. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Abraham was very kind. She made my daughter feel safe. God forbid we have any further issues but if we do, Dr Abraham is where we go. She gave my daughter her confidence back
06.11.2023 20:36
Thanks to Dr.Dana Abraham and her thorough handing of my breast cancer,I am now 18 years cancer free. I can never thank her enough for the care and patience shown in 2003 and 2006.
06.11.2023 20:36
Dr Dana Abraham, is God sent, she is truly a good breast doctor, to God be the Glory Amen


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