Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock

Little Rock, 3333 Springhill Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72117, United States


Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock became part of Baptist Health in 1962 and has served patients at its current location off Interstate 40, Exit 156, since 1999. The nationally recognized, faith-based hospital has 225 licensed beds and offers comprehensive services delivered in an inviting, less institutionalized setting.

Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock’s Emergency Department is a Level III trauma center, which means it has demonstrated the ability to provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS) prior to the transfer of patients to a higher-level trauma center.

Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute-North Little Rock as well as two medical office buildings – Medical Office Building in North Little Rock and Springhill Medical Plaza – are located on the campus, allowing patients and providers convenient access to additional health care services.

Awards & Recognition Recipient of the American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Award Designated as an Arkansas Stroke Ready Hospital (ArSRH) by the Arkansas Department of Health Amenities Admissions Advice & Support Dining Services Cafeteria (Ground Floor) Breakfast: 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Lunch: 7 days a week, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Grill: Sunday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fridays & Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Atrium Cafe (Third Floor) Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fitness Center Gift Shop Medical Records Pastoral Care Patient Financial Services Before Arriving

Please use the designated parking. At Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock, look for the lot labeled P1. To view the parking map, click here.

Our Visitor Guidelines outline visiting hours and information regarding waiting rooms/areas. Should you feel unwell, we ask that you please postpone your visit. Notify the admissions desk or speak with a guest representative if you have questions.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Yesterday 06-28-2023 I had major (to me) surgery on my left foot and lower fibula. The awesome prep team was efficient, kind and knowledgeable. I could not have had a better experience. In surgery Dr.Ardoin installed more hardware than should ever fit in a foot. I want to thank him and his amazing top tier team for every drop of sweat and every moment of their valuable time! Upon exit I was met a post-op team whom upon waking I found another beautiful group medical technicians! Once they woke me up and we went right to work on stabilizing and going over everything two or three times to get it through my thick skull. Next it was time to ready for a safe and healthy exit while I probably would have stayed longer. I am quite sure they wouldn't want that. Thank you to my three wonderful teams, and GOD BLESS!

Sincerely Doug Wallis

This is the nicest, most professional medical staff I have ever dealt with in my life. My mother was in intensive care for two days and they made us feel like we were the only people in the hospital. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Thank you, Baptist Medical of North Little Rock!!

I had surgery here for a kidney stone. My biggest fear is being put to sleep. Everyone was so kind and understanding. My last memory before I went out was 2 nurse holding my hands telling me I would be OK. My first memory was a nurse telling me I did great and the stone was gone. Thank you for yalls kindness!!

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Reviews about Baptist Health Medical Center-North Little Rock

13.12.2023 19:01
Was there for an EEG and CT scan. Waited maybe 5 minutes for EEG appointment. They got it done fast and professionally.
I Still had 2 hours to go before the CT Appointment but went in and checked in anyway. As soon as I handed the clipboard back, they immediately led me the way. I was shocked at how fast they were. Especially for my 1st visit there. Appreciate it much.
13.12.2023 19:01
I went to the ER last night and waited 4.5 hours in the waiting room. The triage was done in less than an hour. Unfortunately they did not seem to take my pain or discomfort seriously. The gentleman working seemed very dismissive of me like he didnt care or believe that i was in that much pain. I had been throwing up and had diarrhea for 3 days already. Not able to keep anything down and literally the most uncomfortable ive ever been. I asked multiple times how much longer it was going to take just to get to the back. They couldn't give me an answer and said they didn't have any beds open in the back. Yet I had multiple people come in after me who were not in as bad of condition as me or another lady (who got there before me and came in on an ambulance). The ladies at the desk are very rude and short with you and lack customer service skills. I threw up 4 times while I was waiting, crying because I was in so much pain and no one seemed to care. After awhile of asking and waiting on someone to help me I ended up leaving. I went to a different er and was helped immediately. I was severely dehydrated and had a uti that had moved up to my kidneys. I understand that some people were more critical than me but a 4.5 hour wait in the er just to not be seen at all is absolutely ridiculous. When I say I will not be going back to this er. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had.
06.11.2023 20:19
Yesterday 06-28-2023 I had major (to me) surgery on my left foot and lower fibula. The awesome prep team was efficient, kind and knowledgeable. I could not have had a better experience. In surgery Dr.Ardoin installed more hardware than should ever fit in a foot. I want to thank him and his amazing top tier team for every drop of sweat and every moment of their valuable time! Upon exit I was met a post-op team whom upon waking I found another beautiful group medical technicians! Once they woke me up and we went right to work on stabilizing and going over everything two or three times to get it through my thick skull. Next it was time to ready for a safe and healthy exit while I probably would have stayed longer. I am quite sure they wouldn't want that. Thank you to my three wonderful teams ,and GOD BLESS!
Doug Wallis
06.11.2023 20:19
On June 20th my bother was taken to Unity hospital in Jacksonville because Searcy Unity was full. Jacksonville transferred him to Springhill Baptist NLR because Jacksonville didn't have the physician he needed.Let me say this about my brother he was an alcoholic & his left leg was amputated 4 years ago due to bad veins & blood clots. My brother was transported to the hospital because he had low sodium levels & cellulitis (infection of the skin), he was leaking fluid out of every part of his body, had the chills, was confused & was falling a lot due to being weak. He had been fighting this infection for over a week without any relief. On the 21st we (his 2 Sisters) went to visit him & speak with the doctor. My bother did not look good & said his leg still hurt, felt weak & was having a hard time breathing. When we spoke with Dr Fischer he seemed to be more concerned about getting him discharged by the weekend. I asked the Dr. to make sure he had his strength back before discharging him because he had been falling & needs to be able to transfer from his wheelchair to the car, bed, shower, etc. The Dr said he ordered a ct scan on his head to check for brain bleeding or swelling due to falling. I know they gave him antibiotics for cellulitis & worked on getting his sodium levels up but don't think they were did much else. We left our phone #"s with the Dr. he said he would call to keep us updated about his condition, we got no response. I (Rhonda) got a call on Fri.23rd saying he was being discharged & that someone need to come pick him up. They didn't call to make sure someone was available to pick him up. I have IBS & was having a bad day with it & my sister was at work, so I asked if they could keep him until 9 the next morning. I was told someone needed to come get him or they where going to send him to a SHELTER. When he arrived at Baptist they run a test called Basic Metabolic Panel the results were critical, on the day they discharged him it was abnormal! On his chart it said there was fluid in the lower part of his lungs but guess that was not a concern. The Dr got what he wanted, him discharged by the weekend. Well my Brother passed away 9 days later of Low sodium levels, cellulitis, E-coli, pneumonia & Sepsis. So all I can say is I guess Springhill baptist didn't have the Doctors he needed either. My brother always got bad service from the medical community because of his alcoholism. He drank because he had a DISEASE. He was a person, a dad, a brother & a son & deserved to be treated as such.
06.11.2023 20:19
Have been waiting in the ER for over four hours now, still haven’t seen a doctor/nurse or been given a room. It is 2:17am. Husband is in excruciating pain. They do not care about urgency or their patients

Update: it’s now been 5 hours
06.11.2023 20:16
August 26th, 2023. My dad had a SURGERY at this hospital and the surgeon and his staff were amazing! BUT the hospital staff not so much! they were suppose to get my dad up and walking immediately (surgeons orders) that night yet failed to do so! Before we left They promised they were going to do so but did not!

He ask for ice and water that night but nobody ever came with it! He was on a regular soft diet. They brought him breakfast the next morning and just dropped his tray where he could get it.

The next morning the RN said he was all ready to go. Discharge papers signed, dressed and ready. All they were waiting on was the pharmacy to bring the meds. They said they were wheeling him down to the car to us. After waiting in the car with my 78 year old mother for a good while, I had to leave Her and go see what the hold up was. When I got into the dirty nasty room my dad was asleep still dressed in the hospital gown and still waiting on the nurse. His meds were ready because I had them in my hand. . After getting the RN in there finally, I ask her how to attach the night catheter and she snubbed me and was very rude! I had to dress my dad and even rushing them to get things done they lagged. The RN, Lauran is very rude. She said since my mother was a nurse she should know how to do it however she rudely said she would show me so she didn't trouble then she only showed me how to attach the tubing. I told her my mother was 78 and it had been over 30 years since she nursed. I have to admit I was NOT happy or pleasant with her either after being mislead and after my dad telling me about his terrible care during his overnight stay..

They didn't ambulate him that night nor did they give him ice, and didn't have him ready to go like they said. Plus very rude!

Think twice and don't leave your family member alone for a moment!
06.11.2023 20:16
Been going here for two years and using this place as my PCP. They thought it would be a good idea for me to take anti depressants. I took them but told them I would like a referral to do therapy so eventually I could stop taking them. Took the meds for two years hadn’t heard anything about the process for the referral. Every time I checked on it they had no info for me. I continue the meds but then my insurance drops me. I stopped taking the meds due to cost. Realized I was going through withdrawal symptoms and couldn’t take it anymore so called back to get a prescription for the meds I’ve already been taking for two years!! They don’t even transfer me to the next line to talk to someone about the prescription but tells me since I hadn’t been seen in 3 months I had to make an appointment. Now I’m stuck with the aftermath of taking the meds they prescribed me but, won’t send to the pharmacy. I take some fault in stopping medication because I didn’t realize when I stopped I had to wing myself off; which I found out through google because they failed to inform me of this prior to prescribing me. Went from feeling great back to hating my life. They couldn’t even give me the help I me in the future. I’ve changed doctors 3 times due to them leaving and no longer working there. Not sure if they are students or have a high turn over rate but it’s ridiculous.

Another thing that happened here is I was coming here for knee pains and swelling that kept happening. The doctor looked my symptoms up on google and showed me the diagnosis. If it’s that easy they why are we paying y’all to figure it out and run test if we all can self diagnose ourselves through google. Don’t make this place your pcp. I strongly advise NOT coming here.

I do however wanna thank the doctors that tried to help and did their jobs like they were supposed to. I know it’s a hard job and someone has to do it and the compassion that was showed through those few are definitely appreciated and remembered….for that I gave 2 starts
06.11.2023 20:16
I had knee replacement surgery. They never iced me down until I requested it since I found an ice bag in the room. They never told me simple things like to keep my legs up. Basically they took vitals and gave me meds. They never cleaned the room. The lake supports on the wheelchair broken both in the room when they took me to therapy to show me how to use my walker. And downstairs when they did discharge. A wheelchair is worthless if it can't support your leg. No case worker ever showed up Georgia. They have someone to discharge in the room. Discharge is basically someone gave me a piece of paper and read. These are your medicines. I should have looked at reviews before. This is an old hospital people who really don't care.
06.11.2023 20:16
I used to hold this facility in high regard. I won’t go into all the details but basically I was sent home in a taxi while relatives tried to tell them I was still confused due to low sodium caused by my drinking too much water in my confusion thinking I needed to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and flu strain B August 25. Apparently the Paxlovid given me for Covid-19 also interacted adversely with my prescription meds for depression, anxiety and ADHD. Don’t know if Tamiflu added to problem. Anyway same night I was sent home in taxi I texted very confused messages to relatives and they had an ambulance take me back to hospital. Doctors in ER kept asking why I was back and I had no clue.

Then I was left in the dark as far as what was going on. Kept being lied to about when I would get food. I was pretty much okay watching Avengers:Endgame. But when they wanted to start me on IV antibiotics I walked into hall and refused until somebody explained to me what was going on. Finally someone got the intern or overnight attending or whatever this really nice doctor’s title is. She explained a culture of my blood produced bacterial growth. They weren’t certain if I really bad a blood born pathogen or if the sample was contaminated. I agreed to get IV antibiotics.

Next day I found out I was infectected with MRSA.

Since then have had 2 scans checking for heart muscle infection. Thank God none found.

Then today lunch for unit 1A didn’t show up until 3:30 PM! My ticket showed it had been “delivered” at 12:10 PM. No, it wasn’t! What’s going on with this place. My mother was here in 2001. Nothing this crazy happened back then. All the staff I have interacted with are professional, kind, caring. This institution or corporation or whatever is in charge is letting them and vulnerable sick people down I think I just talked myself into a 1 star rating. Makes me sad. thank
06.11.2023 20:15
Some of the people working were kind but I haven't been to a hospital this bad in ages. I went to get an xray of my back and they got me in pretty quick and got the x-rays done but I'm still waiting out in the lobby for results 7 hours later. There's a lot of us who are mad about our situations, nobody seems to care how we feel. My pain has just gotten worse and I will NEVER come back here. So much for a healing space. I was told by a clinic to come to the ER immediately due to my problems. If you value your time don't come here.
06.11.2023 20:15
My insurance dropped me and they didn’t want to fill my script that I’d been getting for 2 years. Which is anti depressants. Meds say not supposed to quit taking them suddenly but they won’t even fill it for me. I finally got my insurance back but will not be coming back to the facility due to the lack on concern for my needs for the meds and the calculated strategy of duress towards the people that come here. Told me in so many words they could not write me a script for meds that I’ve been taking for years because they haven’t seen me in a while. They want the money from the visit plus the money from the scripts they write lol have It’s clear to me they are only worried about getting the money. Nevermind the fact that all the symptoms of the crying spells, the vivid nightmares, the self loathing, the insomnia, or the irritation….im stuck because they don’t care…while my symptoms get worse from not taking the meds i have resorted in drinking a little to even get to sleep at night. they just want you to make another appointment so they can get paid. Now that my insurance is reinstated I won’t reward them with my loyalty. I’ll be finding another pcp that is not associated with this company. I suggest if you go here to find another doctor…which you will have to do anyway after 6 months because none of the doctors ever stay put.

The medication I’m taking is laxapro/escitaloprham please do your research before taking anything the prescribe you.
06.11.2023 20:15
What is the purpose of the scanning process of visitors as they enter the building?
As I sit in the waiting area near the front door, I see people as they enter the hospital. I observed several people go through the scanning equipment , lots of green lights come on....but several red lights come on, and the person monitoring the scanner does nothing as the people walk right on through .the scanner and on their merry way. !!!!

I see this as a waste of money to hire someone to sit there, and security measures not being taken.
06.11.2023 20:15
I can get in and out of my appts quickly. Only gripe is parking cam be difficult at tjmes.
06.11.2023 20:14
I'm literally appalled right now! How DARE you tell a patient that you're not a "valet service" when as a transporter that's what you are PAID to do!
06.11.2023 20:14
Who sit in waiting area for more than 6 hours with chest pains, Clecks are rude. Poor service
06.11.2023 20:14
When we leave this time we will never step in this hospital again. If the doctors cant come to another hospital, I'll find new doctors. This place is a joke, from the sorriness of CNAs to the rudeness of nurses.


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