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Costco Wholesale offers a unique selection of products in the USA at unbeatable prices.

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Costco originated the warehouse club concept more than three decades ago, and we continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience.

We are known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our members, at prices consistently below other retailers. We feel strongly that we offer the absolute best values in the industry. 

Costco also features a fine line of quality products under our own Kirkland Signature™ private label. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than name brands.

Costco has been recognized throughout the country for providing our employees with real living wages – the highest in the industry – and for our ethical business practices.

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Reviews about Costco Wholesale Little Rock

10.10.2023 20:29
I recently had the pleasure of visiting my local Costco warehouse, and I must say it was an absolutely fantastic experience. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I was greeted by friendly staff who were more than willing to assist me with any questions or concerns I had. The wide variety of products available and the great deals offered truly made my shopping trip worthwhile.

One aspect that stood out to me during my visit was Costco's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The store caters to a diverse range of customers, offering a wide range of products that meet various dietary requirements. However, I noticed that there was a lack of halal meat options available in the meat section.

As a member of the Muslim community, halal meat is an essential part of my diet, and it would be immensely appreciated if Costco could consider offering halal meat in their warehouses. The demand for halal products is growing, and by providing halal meat, Costco would not only cater to the needs of its diverse customer base but also promote inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.

I have always admired Costco for its commitment to quality and affordability, and I believe that introducing halal meat to its range would align with these values. Costco has the potential to become a destination of choice for many Muslim families, as they could enjoy the benefits of shopping in bulk and accessing a wide variety of halal products all in one place.

In conclusion, my experience at Costco has been consistently positive, and I believe that the addition of halal meat to their product offerings would be a wonderful step towards inclusivity and accommodating the diverse needs of their customers. I encourage Costco to consider this suggestion and explore the possibilities of bringing halal meat to their warehouses. Thank you for your attention and for continuously striving to improve the shopping experience for all customers.

Update: Thanks Costco for listening and fulfilling my request. I can shop halal meat in my Costco now! Please keep up the great work!
10.10.2023 20:29
Love this place and everyone is always helpful!
10.10.2023 20:29
Beware of purchasing medications from the pharmacy!!!! My price kept changing every time I went to pick up my prescription. After looking into the matter, I realized that they weren't using my insurance because they wanted to charge me more money!!! I took my business elsewhere!!! The business or prices aren't the same anymore. They're getting worse as time goes by. When I originally joined Costco back in 2014, I used to enjoy shopping there for great deals, but it's a waste of $60 now!!!!!!
10.10.2023 20:29
Place feels dull and void, very bad energy in this place. They may have a few specialty items that Sam's doesn't have but there's nothing in here worth being around the weird vibes. I won't be renewing my membership when it runs out.
10.10.2023 20:29
Costco in Little Rock is great however they are typically more expensive than Sam's Club on their products across the board. However, they do have quality cuts of meat, nicer clothing (kirklands) in my opinion, and slightly better options in their tech departments. They do lack on the quantity of meats and grab and go meals. My biggest drawback is you cannot renew your card at checkout like you can at Sam's Club, why should I quit checking out to just stand in line at another counter then get back in line to check out? Doesn't make sense to me. We continue to shop here regardless of that option.
10.10.2023 20:28
You can't go wrong with Costco. They treat their employees well and have fair prices. Just make sure that you're able to use all of what you buy when bulk shopping.
10.10.2023 20:28
The cafe is great place to eat with decent prices. Staff seems mostly friendly.


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