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The food here was very tasty. great to catch up as it is not loud.Super impressed.i sometimes get a bit intimidated going to ultra trendy restaurants, but this wasn’t the least bit intimidating.the staff were friendly and the service was top notch and the crowd was casual.There was a lot to choose from on the menu and the waitress was great in explaining everything in detail and answered all questions.

First thing I noticed was my meat in my hamburger was kinda of red and then when I took a bite I thought it might have been a piece of my tooth but it was not

Fire I mean fire come try it you won't be dissatisfied I promise everything is good

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Reviews about 5starkitchenla

14.12.2023 21:23
Mom-and-pop hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Order your food and take out.
14.12.2023 21:23
Had their double burger for my birthday, with fries. Burger has unique great taste, fries are also really good. 5 stars is right, give this place a try
14.12.2023 21:22
I'm sorry their food is good but the girl whose a cashier comes off pretty rude. She gave me a rude face when I walked in as if I shouldnt be coming in PRIOR to their closing time (and come to think about it, she never has a welcoming vibe when I come in, only to people she knows and that's awful). Not a greeting not anything, just telling me what theyre NOT going to sell.. excuse me? I believe Kim is her name but telling a customer you're only selling certain items because you're 'about' to close it Ludacris and a bad move for the business owner. You're not closed so take the order and the business.. it's hard supporting our own people when their stipulations is wild. People go elsewhere because they keep the customer in mind.. only selling a limited menu prior to you closing is not cool, especially if it is not advertised this way. If you're sold out of items, that's cool, but if you're not and reasoning is because of closing time and you're not closed.... again, bad business. Pray them the best but I can't support a business that doesn't even honor their own closing times, what they advertised, on top of, keeping someone, whose the face of their business because she takes orders, that's rude and can't control her facial expressions or tone. Check her or remove her or continue losing business which ain't none of my business, but maybe you shouldn't have a business cause you can't make a simple decision that'll change volumes in how customers see your business and want to support. She's rude and clearly doesn't care about it which would make me think why have her here if she's not sharing in the vision you have? Unless you don't care about customer service but that would be hard to believe as I have found you to be quite sweet. Math ain't mathing


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