Amaya Tires 24 Hours Road Services

Los Angeles, 6206 Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90003


This is the second time using Amaya Tires. Cars rarely have spare tires these days so the service these guys offer is so necessary. we got a flat on two of our Mercedes this last month and these guys we’re thankfully open late and came to us, took off the bad wheel with tire, went back to the shop and came back with the replacement to get us going. So thankful for what you guys do, staying late and offering road service. 5 star service all around!

My Mercedes got a flat tire in south central and they came out to help me … I don’t even remember how much I paid , but the guy gave me a 30 min eta and they did show up !! Much as Gracias Por ayudarme

Me encanta este lugar me atendieron muy bien el horario está acertado a la descripción y el personal muy atento y responsable a atenderme muchas gracias por trabajar de forma responsable

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Reviews about Amaya Tires 24 Hours Road Services

02.12.2023 17:56
Buen lugar par q ayuden con tus llantas nuevas i usadas ahi te espera el personas de Don Victor isu hermosa hija


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