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Reviews about AutoZone Auto Parts

21.10.2023 13:58
I want to comment that the store employee Jose is always outside the store assisting customers. I see him out there when I pass by or come into the store. I just had a brief conversation and he mentioned that he even helps customers when it’s pouring rain. That is dedication. The man Jose needs to be recognized for his stellar performance. His boss Ariel wasn’t in store so I could communicate this. I feel that Jose would be better utilized by managing his own store and he could serve as an example to his team. He’s already setting the example. He’s great. No BS. This sort of dedication deserves to be rewarded. I mean he even offered to install the turn signal bulb in my vehicle. I declined the help but that he offered was greatly appreciated.

I was not thrilled at the idea that I might need to buy a battery from AutoZone. Reason being is I keep running into stores with employees that have no clue about how to treat customers.

Today I received assistance from the store manager Ariel and one of his guys named Jose and they provided outstanding service and both gentlemen went above and beyond for me. I sure appreciated it and it feels good to know that they will be there in the future for me. Thank you, Ariel and Jose
21.10.2023 13:58
Anthony Lopez is so very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything in details!!!!. This guy needs to move up and be promoted!!!! Excellent staff!!!! An asset for the company!!!
21.10.2023 13:57
How can Pick Up In Store be free? Have you been charging us before? And why do we have to wait an hour when the website lists it as in stock? It seems it would be faster and more efficient to just go to the store. Online ordering adds a hour to the process. That doesn't strike you as wrong?


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