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Root Law Group is a full service immigration law firm located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Ventura County, and the San Fernando Valley that offers free in office consultations with experienced immigration lawyers. Our immigration attorneys represent individuals, small businesses, and large multi-national corporations in all aspects of U.S. Immigration.


Visitors (B-1/B-2)
NAFTA Treaty (TN)
Professional Workers (H-1B)
Intra-company Transferees (L-1)
Treaty Traders / Investors (E-1/E-2)
Students (F-1)
Athletes/Entertainers/Artists (O-1)
Essential Workers (H-2B)
Religious Workers (R-1)
Victims of Crime (U)


PERM Labor Certification
EB1 Visa
Adjustment of Status
Consular Processing
Immigrant Investors EB-5


I-601 (Unlawful Presence) Waivers
Fiance Visa (K-1)
V Visa
K-3 Visa
Consular Processing
Violence Against Women Act
Same-Sex Marriage


Custody & Bond Redeterminations
Deportation & Removal Proceedings
Relief from Removal
Motion to Reopen / Reconsider
Appeals of Deportation Order


Withholding of Removal
Convention Against Torture


Change or Extension of Status
Employment Authorization
Advance Parole
Detention & Bond
Criminal Relief


Компания Root Law Group – это юридическая фирма с испано- и русскоговорящим персоналом, предоставляющая полный спектр услуг по иммиграционным делам, включая бесплатные консультации в офисе с адвокатами, расположенная в г. Лос-Анджелес, округ Ориндж, в г. Сан-Бернардино, округ Вентура, и в Долине Сан-Фернандо.

Мы предоставляем услуги по бизнес-иммиграции и семейной иммиграции.

Мы работаем быстро (большинство петиций готовы в течение 15 дней).

Мы работаем, по большей части, по рекомендациям бывших и настоящих клиентов.

Мы работаем с новейшим программным обеспечением, предоставляющим клиентам доступ для проверки статуса дела в режиме онлайн.

Офисы нашей юридической фирмы находятся как в Лос-Анджелесе, так и в округе Ориндж.

Мы обеспечиваем прямое общение с адвокатом или со старшим помощником юриста, и даем ответ на ваш запрос в течение четырех рабочих часов.

Квалифицированный персонал нашей компании имеет большой опыт в подготовке всех иммиграционных и неиммиграционных петиций для Службы гражданства и иммиграции США (USCIS), а также трудовой сертификации по процедуре RIR.

Наши офисы работают с корпоративными и индивидуальными клиентами, проживающими как на всей территории Соединенных Штатов, так и за границей. Наши квалифицированные специалисты заполнят все необходимые документы. Эти документы имеют большое значение для государственных органов, поэтому наша цель — произвести на них лучшее впечатление. До начала работы над любым делом, мы тщательно проверяем документы клиентов. Открыв файл, мы незамедлительно начинаем готовить сопроводительные документы, формы, письма и/или легальные основания. Мы относимся к делу каждого клиента как к своему собственному. Наши клиенты всегда могут просмотреть и подписать готовые документы до того, как мы подадим их в государственные органы.

Позвоните нам для получения первой бесплатной юридической консультации. Мы внимательно вас выслушаем, ответим на все вопросы и профессионально проведем иммиграционный процесс.


Root Law Group es una firma de abogados de inmigración de servicio completo ubicada en Los Ángeles, el condado de Orange, San Bernardino, el condado de Ventura y el Valle de San Fernando que ofrece consultas gratuitas en el consultorio con abogados de inmigración con experiencia. Nuestros abogados de inmigración representan a individuos, pequeñas empresas y grandes corporaciones multinacionales en todos los aspectos de la inmigración estadounidense.



Visitantes (B-1/B-2)
Tratado TLCAN (TN)
Trabajadores profesionales (H-1B)
Cesionarios intracompañía (L-1)
Comerciantes / Inversores por Tratado (E-1/E-2)
Estudiantes (F-1)
Atletas/animadores/artistas (O-1)
Trabajadores esenciales (H-2B)
Trabajadores religiosos (R-1)
Víctimas del Crimen (U)


Certificación Laboral PERM
Visa EB1
Ajuste de estado
Procesamiento Consular
Inversionistas inmigrantes EB-5


Exenciones I-601 (presencia ilegal)
Visa de prometido (K-1)
Visa V
Visa K-3
Procesamiento Consular
Ley de violencia contra la mujer
El matrimonio del mismo sexo


Redeterminaciones de custodia y fianza
Procedimientos de deportación y expulsión
Alivio de la expulsión
Moción para reabrir/reconsiderar
Apelaciones de orden de deportación


Retención de expulsión
Convención contra la tortura


Cambio o extensión de estatus
Autorización de empleo
Libertad condicional anticipada
Detención y fianza
Alivio Penal


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Reviews about Root Law Group

11.12.2023 15:28
I am a business owner and operator abroad and I came to Root Law Group looking for immigration help. They told me that I was able to apply for EB2-NIW and they worked on my case nonstop. Even when USCIS requested more evidence, Daniel guided me throughout the entire process and helped ease my worries and concerns was an extremely helpful paralegal. After months of waiting, I was granted the I-140 Approval! I am extremely thankful for all the work Root Law did for me and super excited for adjustment of status when I become current. I look forward to working with Daniel, William and the entire team when that time comes and highly recommend their immigration services! This team cares and will try everything possible for your needs.
11.12.2023 15:28
I chose this law firm based on a former friend's recommendation. My experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. My family won the DV lottery in May 2022, we contacted them believing their assurance of extensive experience in such cases. However, their knowledge was clearly lacking. Their advice was misguided from the beginning, incorrectly informing us that the age freeze for dependents under 21 does not apply upon winning/filing the DV lottery, contrary to the official DV instructions. Furthermore, their lack of initiative was appalling and increasing as I was finishing my installment payments. It felt like as soon as they received all the money, they stopped caring. Perhaps they initially gave up on the case, but later chose to profit from my hope. I found myself in the position of having to constantly remind them of my case's existence through numerous emails, unanswered phone calls, and voicemail messages.

The case failed because this law firm confused the order of filing documents, creating a serious discrepancy between USCIS and KCC. Despite repeated follow-ups, this law firm shifted the blame to an "administrative mistake" and merely advised me to contact Congress, leaving me with less than a month to act. There was no communication from these attorneys after that whatsoever. I tried to contact them as recently as October this year and I have yet to receive a response.

This firm’s lack of professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise has cost my family dearly, both emotionally and financially. The hope and excitement we initially felt upon winning the DV lottery have been mercilessly crushed under the weight of their incompetence and apathy. I strongly advise against using their services. Their negligence and disorganization are unacceptable and unforgivable.
11.12.2023 15:28
I recently had the pleasure of working with the incredible lawyers at Root Law Group, notably Daria. From my initial consultation until the successful resolution of my case, their expertise, professionalism, and dedication made a profound impact.


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