Baptist Health South Miami Hospital

Miami, 6200 SW 73rd St, Miami, FL 33143

South Miami Hospital, currently licensed with 453 beds, has an excellent reputation for quality care in many areas, including:

Maternity services. Level 2 and 3 neonatal intensive care services. Help for infants and children with developmental delays and disabilities. Robotic surgery. Weight loss surgery. Treatment of Burns (both inpatient and outpatient). Comprehensive oncology program. Cardiovascular services.

Wide range of outpatient services

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Excellent service and attention by all staff. Could not be happier with the service. Nurses, Bernie and Judith (ARNP) as well as partner in nursing, Irma were exceptional.

Zack, the x-ray tech and everyone involved in the procedure room were also exceptional in all areas, compassion, consideration, attention, etc. The hospital itself needs some attention from a property management point of view. Some of the tables in the 2nd floor registration are are broken. The garage staircase is filthy, the elevators are filthy. These pictures were taken at 6am so this elevator should not have been so disgusting at that time.

It was a very pleasant experience. The parking was right outside the facility, very convenient. The patient representative, Earline, was friendly, efficient. In no time she had my ID ready and the paperwork. The technologist, Natalie, was checking that I was comfortable within the boundaries of a mammogram. As soon as I left I contacted my friends to recommend this center. Thank you, very much appreciated.

I was actually scared of having more procedure almost traumatized however, the staff at Baptist Hospital was absolutely amazing and very polite, professional clean, and I could not be more happier after getting the procedure completed. I highly recommend people that are due for getting a colonoscopy done to get that done I thought the worst and it is not that bad at all was actually very simple painless. The doctor surgeon was very good. All the nursing staff is excellent and on point highly recommend and will come to this hospital again if need be. Great experience.

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Reviews about Baptist Health South Miami Hospital

13.12.2023 19:03
8/14/23 This was not a good experience. Arrived at So.Miami HOSP 11:35 for two MRI WITH sedation at 1:00
They were late. Something that would have taken less than an hour, I didn’t get home till 6:45. Almost 8 hours. In addition , my left eye was swollen and extremely painful, even today 1 1/2 days later. WHY? I’m still trying to find out.’
The only nurse who was very good, was Patty. She was kind and patient and very good inserting the IV needle. It is my strong opinion, that if there are seniors that need to be fasting, they should be the first ones, in the morning, to be taken in. ABSOLUTELY NOT in the afternoon. I have gone through this several times, same hospital, same department. By the time, I got home and I was able to eat something, I threw up the cookies given at the hospital.
Whoever came up with this idea, of anesthesia in the afternoon, fasting since the night before, when it involves seniors, should have his or her head examined. This was terrible and outrageous and something should be done about it.
13.12.2023 19:02
Todo muy Profesional, muy agradecido por todo.
30.10.2023 18:42
I’m so sorry it’s taken me two weeks to write this but it was some thing I needed to do. We recently lost a family member at hospice. We were there for three days with Mabel Rodriguez. It was a long hard, sad three days, but I must say a couple of people in this floor made such a difference last week at her viewing these names were constantly mentioned. I asked the nurse to please give me everyone’s name so that they can be in our prayers, and I can write a review . First person to make an impression on us was.Sara Perez daytime 9126 when the doctor came in and explain with kind words that it was time to maybe think of starting the morphine treatment. Sarah came in with the first dose of shots, modells husband of 60 years, choked up a little. She immediately dropped. The shot went and gave him a comforting hug and told him she was sorry and that everything was going to be OK, we all stayed a little weird about it and asked him after she left. Do you know her and he said no. We were all taken back by her kindness that was not part of her job that was the kindness in someone’s heart willing to comfort someone else. Throughout this whole experience she constantly came in and checked on the family and never left the room without something kind and warm to say she was spoken about the most at the viewing and we still talk about her all the time because I thought sweet she was this is not something she is trains for her something she gets paid for. she is the difference between the people that do this to comfort others in such a hard time of need and the people that come in and do it for a paycheck we thank her so much for everything she did for us although we don’t know her, we love her, and she will always be in all of our hearts, thank you so much Sarah for everything that you did. You deserve nothing but amazing karma and great things in your path. Thank you for caring for our mother the way that you did we will never forget you. Nitetime Marcos Dugado and Sinai Lugo 9126 this nighttime crew was so gentle and comforting as well. This little group of nurses became our family for three days. This team was really unforgettable on this hard time. Thank you so much Baptist for having people like this on your team I also want to say a special thank you to, the young lady that did the music therapy. She did a song for Mabel And her husband of 60 years that will always stay in our hearts. We even had to take a video her kind words, and sounds that were chosen by her we’re so calming they brought such peace remains in the room afterwards once again, Baptist thank you so much for having such an amazing team we did not expect this five star treatment. The things and actions that these people took with us on these three days again we’re not something you get trained or paid for and that’s what makes a difference in this field . This team is what makes the difference between the people that do it to comfort you and your time of need and the person that comes in and just picks up a paycheck like the last nurse that came in at the very last minute after mom had passed away a preacher came in and said a beautiful prayer. This one nurse kept opening the door, hesitating to come in. She looked a little annoyed that the preacher was taking so long. I kept looking at the door and getting irritated. I almost kicked her out, but did not want to make a show which I should’ve kicked her out of the room to stop her from coming back in two minutes later and place a body bag on the table as we were saying our prayer dad has broken down because he thought we had to put her in the body bag ourselves, it was a heartbreaking moment I really hope that nurse never causes that reaction on another family going through this. She came in afterwards and said that the body had been expired for too long and had to be moved like if she was a milk carton on the shelf I took everything I had not to come up to her and tell her off, but I knew it was not the time or place, but that is the type of person that comes in for a paycheck and not to comfort a family.
30.10.2023 18:41
I had a swallow test done at South Miami Hospital Radiology Dept .
Registration was fine except that I don’t understand why they need to know where I was born and in what year did I retire. What does that have to with having an xRay???
I was delayed about two hours. My appt was at 11am and I left the hospital at 2 pm .
But I have to say that the techs and the doctor were wonderful. Kiara and Jose L
Were so good. Very professional, very attentive to my needs. Even though I had to wait they were very caring. The lady doctor also was super good and very caring.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kindness. I recommend you with a five in a scale of 1 to 5. 5 been the highest .
30.10.2023 18:41
I always go to Baptist main and the service there is nice. But I was really happy with South Miami. Very easy to park fast and nice people. The only thing I didn’t like was that I was told my copay was going to be $130 and when I got there they told me $415.00. Big difference.
30.10.2023 18:40
Amazing care, service. My was cheerful, very well trained, caring for my needs, going back to that imaging facility at SMiami Hospital again next week. Kiara, front desk, beautiful smile. So nice treating patients like they are, what they are, people with medical needs. I want Kiara to register me again, twice on Sunday..... thanks Baptist
... Healthcare thar cares.....
30.10.2023 18:40
I had my mammogram and ultrasound done.
I was in and out quick
Very satisfied with service. Everything was explained to me, from registration to procedures
30.10.2023 18:40
I don’t have words to express how grateful i am with the care I received from All the team from dr Rabassa all of them gave me a very good care starting from his office with Juliett and betty make all the process smooth excellent good patient care from the main entrance from the south miami hospital to the ,registration ,pre-op, all the CNAs,OR anesthesiologist German very kind and very professional,RN paz in pre-op, alex medina in OR, also RN Melani of course Dr Rabassa excellent patient care this was my second surgery with him first 20 year ago Gad bladder removed and on October 23 2023 ventral hernia repair and was the best decision I make to do it with him again I feel so well and no pain at all thank you for your excellent patient care thank you to everybody who was in my surgery it was a very very good experience
30.10.2023 18:39
Mi esposa Ileana Sánchez es paciente hace un año y Tengo buena experiencia en Baptist Health South Miami y también en los demás hospitales de Baptist .Sus profesionales con excelente ,así como la calidad de sus servicios .Les recomiendo este hospital y no se van arrepentir .
30.10.2023 18:39
I have experienced nothing but excellent service from Baptist from the conciege, driver, receptionist, nurses and doctors here at Baptist. I wish everyone could experience what me and my family experienced for the last week. I applaud them!
30.10.2023 18:39
The imaging center is easy to access. Well run and organized. The staff were very professional and kind.Stefanie and Narges took the time to explain each step of the process. They were extremely patient and efficient.


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