Caffe Tonny

Miami, 192 NE 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33132



Me encanto la

Comida muy buen servicio Toni es muy amable su comida muy buena el es carismático siempre sonriente de muy bien humos pasamos muy buenos momentos aki gracias Toni

I love the food here and he always is kind and fast


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Reviews about Caffe Tonny

16.08.2023 14:35
The food was terrible, we brought falafel sandwich, tuna and chicken sandwiches. The price was too high, it was not the same price which was displayed, he charged more and food was worse, it took long time for him to prepare the sandwiches, seems like he was not interested to do the business. we also brought chichen wings which was worse than ever. Not recommended.
07.06.2023 13:33
Great experience
Very nice food, nice generous man


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