Svetlana Dental & Esthetic Center

Miami, 2100 E Hallandale Beach Blvd Suite 309, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Svetlana Dental and Esthetic Center in Miami is a unique place that addresses any problems related to teeth and gums with a range of top-notch procedures. We transform our patients’ smiles with veneers, aligners, crowns, implants, Botox, and neuromuscular dentistry.

Our Patients Deserve The Best! Specifically:

To get a Hollywood level of aesthetics and dental health

To become the owner of a beautiful and — which is more important — healthy smile in a minimal number of visits

To have access to the best materials, laboratories, technology, and techniques available in dentistry today

To be sure of the correctness and accuracy of drafted contracts or credit agreements, get quality advice on all issues related to prices and the guarantee of treatment.

Our practice is probably not like any dental practice you’ve ever visited. Our focus is strictly on providing the best experience possible for our patients. This is what we believe all patients deserve:

● To be given (to new patients and also periodically) a full dental assessment/full treatment plan in order to accomplish the level of dental health and aesthetics the patient wants to achieve.
● To be treated with the respect and dignity in a guilt-free environment, especially related to any dental health issues the patient is now experiencing.
● To have all treatment completed on time in the least amount of appointments possible.
● To understand the difference between health orientated and cosmetic orientated treatment.
● For all treatment to be driven and guided for the benefit of the patient and not for benefit of the insurance company and for a dental office to file all paperwork and explain all dental benefits to the patient.
● All cost to be fully explained and in writing.
● To receive a guarantee, both in terms of results and in terms of time guarantees.


Доктор Светлана имеет более чем 25-летний опыт работы в имплантологии и косметической стоматологии. Она является специалистом по процедурам полной реконструкции рта и инновационным стоматологическим процедурам, которые она делает бережно, эффективно и компетентно.

Она окончила стоматологический колледж Нью-Йоркского университета (NYU) с обширным последипломным образованием в области стоматологической имплантологии, улыбки и стоматологии с полной реконструкцией рта. Она также имеет несколько сертификатов LVI. Она свободно говорит на английском и русском языках.

Мы представляем собой бутик-стоматологический кабинет, и мы верим в полное удовлетворение потребностей пациентов и можем предоставить это с помощью наших художественных навыков и инновационных стоматологических методов лечения. Мы делаем все, чтобы ваш визит к нам был комфортным и выгодным!

Все наши сотрудники хорошо обучены и полностью аккредитованы, чтобы заботиться о здоровье полости рта и эстетике вас и вашей семьи. Мы больше всего гордимся тем, что проявляем сострадание и внимательность.

Svetlana Dental and Esthetic center - это уютный стоматологический кабинет в центре Халландейл Бич, где можно сделать любую процедуру любой сложности. Наша внимательная команда всегда поможет вам разобраться с вопросами о процедурах, страховании, выплатах и ​​планах лечения. Мы постараемся сделать ваш визит максимально комфортным и безболезненным!

Косметическая стоматология

Зубные имплантаты

Безоперационная подтяжка лица

Tmj обезболивающее

Полная реконструкция рта

Ботокс Диспорт

Увеличение губ и щек

Лечение апноэ во сне

Безметалловые имплантаты

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Reviews about , услуга Svetlana Dental & Esthetic Center

22.11.2023 14:12
I'm very grateful to Doctor Svetlana and her team for their work! 15 years ago, Svetlana made veeners for me, and to this day I'm happy with the result! Veeners were selected very carefully and looking natural, although I was worried that they would stand out, but they not. And a year ago, in Russia, other dentist found a cyst on my tooth and said that it needed to be pulled out. I was upset, and connected Svetlana and arranged with her an appointment in America. I'd a consultation, after which Svetlana said that nothing needed to be removed, she would be able to treat the tooth! Thank her very much, the clinic deserve 5 stars!
22.11.2023 14:11
I was so happy with my first appointment in
Svetlana dental office! Hygienist Elvira did very good cleaning my teeth, she was amazing! Respectively Dr. Svetlana checked all my mouth, gave me good and helpful advice. The office stuff was also nice and respectful! Thank you so much Svetlana dental!
22.11.2023 14:11
This was amazing and educational experience. The hygienist Elya was great she explained everything very well I show me the proper way to take care of my teeth and gums.The office is very clean and the front desk staff are kind.
22.11.2023 14:11
Буду краток, Результат превзошел ожидания !!!! Спасибо большое!!! Желаю Удачи Вашей Команде !!!
22.11.2023 14:11
Dr. Svetlana is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I’ve had many dentists in my life but no one truly helped me. She truly looks at patients holistically and cares about you. One of a kind!


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