The Fresh Market - Miami

Miami, 8760 SW 136th St, Miami, FL

The Fresh Market is a specialty grocery store offering easy meals and delicious fresh foods, including restaurant-quality meat and seafood, premium produce, signature baked goods, and deli platters for any occasion. Each department features a wide selection of unique ingredients, seasonal finds, and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you discover new flavors every day. Our store on Madison Road is located near CVS Photo and Bow-Wow Boutique Inc. Stop by for meal kits and prepared meals, USDA Prime Beef, in-season produce, bakery breads, and desserts, plus thousands of organic options. The Fresh Market currently operates 159 stores across the U.S. and has been inspiring guests to make everyday eating extraordinary since 1982.

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The most interesting reviews

For some reason the fresh flowers always look nicer here. Meat dept is excellent.

el servicio es único... la atención ni se diga....Uno A

I always love this Market. The atmosphere is really nice. I went last week and I had the best service from Milagros. She made an arrangement for my mom. She is amazing..!!! I highly recommend visiting this location.

Good location, organized, and service crew were friendly and helpful. Its parking situation was a bit hectic, though

Always friendly, never too crowded, great quality

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Reviews about The Fresh Market - Miami

18.01.2024 14:41
Be careful when buying steaks in the meat dept. I purchased a filet mignon that basically was in pieces, layered in way too much fat, and tied together with a string to make it look like it was one slice. I didn't find out until I went to grill it at the park. I was furious and deceived. Shocked bc this never happened here before. Check your steaks before leaving! The pic is what was trimmed and inedible from only one steak!
18.01.2024 14:40
Es uno de los mejores mercados de Miami, encuentra variedad de productos y sobre todo quisiera resaltar el buen trato y atenciones de sus empleados, especialmente en la locación del Doral. A cada uno de ellos el agradecimiento por su buen trabajo y desearles un próspero y saludable año 2024.
18.08.2023 12:57
This is such a wonderful grocery store. There are plenty of healthy product options available and the overall store is always organized and clean. However, I did encounter a very disturbing situation with a cold wrap that I purchased. The grilled chicken wrap that is prepared at the store, when I was halfway into it I noticed something sharp, it was a large piece of a bone of chicken. This issue was resolved by the store, I was told that this is normal practice since the chicken they use to make the wraps is the chicken that is from the rotisserie department. Whatever department that prepares the wraps need to be more careful when preparing these wraps because if it was not me it could have been a child and could have choked or been fatally injured by this issue. I have been traumatized by this and I was puking what I had eaten so far after discovering this bone in my wrap.
18.08.2023 12:57
Went to the market at the falls - we went for ham and cheese and ended up at the bakery . My husband asked if the cannolis were fresh and the young man said no problem sir I’ll make them fresh for you ! He went above and beyond to make a customer happy . Thank you great service . I didn’t get his name but what a great employee going the extra mile for a customer Amazing !!!
18.08.2023 12:56
Fantastic Fresh Market! It’s always an absolute pleasure to shop here (and yes I am aware of the Publix reference) they always have so much variety in cheese, wines, pastries, and coffee.
18.08.2023 12:56
Great place for fresh produce and food. I often get their prepared foods including tuna salad which is made daily and the only one my daughter will eat. The family meal deal is great when you don’t have time to think of what to make. $25 feeds 4 and easy to prepare. Their coffee has to be the best Ive tasted and sometimes just stop in just to grab a hot cup or their daily flavor.
18.08.2023 12:55
I had the best New York strip steaks ever...The tenderness and the taste were exquisite.
To make it even better it was @$13.99/lb. I wanted to add too that the butcher took time to cut the meat to my request with kindness and great service. I will check weekly if the meat department has great deals like this. The Fresh Market
at the Falls is always a pleasant shopping experience. Thank you


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