Animal Clinic of Miami Dade

Miami, 2134 Ludlam Rd, Miami, FL 33155



We offer comprehensive veterinary care for pets of all ages, from pediatrics to seniors. Our team is committed to providing professional, caring, and personalized services. We treat your pets as if they were our own, and we offer the service you deserve and desire.

We emphasize client education, preventative care, and home dental care to help your pets live longer an

Atención Veterinaria Completa Para Mascotas De Todas Las Edades

Ofrecemos atención veterinaria integral para mascotas de todas las edades, desde pediatría hasta personas mayores. Nuestro equipo está comprometido a brindar servicios profesionales, atentos y personalizados. Tratamos a tus mascotas como si fueran nuestras y ofrecemos el servicio que mereces y deseas.

Hacemos hincapié en la educación del cliente, la atención preventiva y la atención dental domiciliaria para ayudar a sus mascotas a vivir una vida más larga y saludable. ¡Contáctenos hoy para obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios!d healthier lives. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Reviews about Animal Clinic of Miami Dade

01.06.2024 21:27
No puedo explicar lo complacida que me voy de esta clínica, desde que entras al front desk hasta que sales te vas a sentir seguro y conforme con la atención y el servicio que te dan, siempre que llevo a mis 3 perritas salimos mas que contentas❤️ con los ojos cerrados recomiendo esta clínica!
01.06.2024 21:26
Such a great clinic! The whole staff is very knowledgeable and treats your pet like family! They are kind and compassionate and made me at ease knowing my pet was receiving the highest quality of care! I would recommend this clinic to anyone!
01.06.2024 21:26
I'm thrilled to share my experience with Animal clinic of Miami dade! My dog faced a life-threatening situation, and thanks to the exceptional care and expertise of the staff, my dog's life was saved. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with compassion and professionalism. The veterinarians and technician Jorge went above and beyond to diagnose and treat my dog, keeping me informed every step of the way. Their dedication, skill, and genuine love for animals truly shine through in everything they do. I couldn't be more grateful for their exceptional care and expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend Animal clinic of Miami dade to anyone seeking top-notch veterinary care for their beloved pets. Five stars doesn't seem like enough to express my gratitude!
01.06.2024 21:26
Big shoutout to the squad at Animal Clinic of Miami Dade! These folks ain’t just vets; they’re straight-up lifesavers. Let me spill the tea on how they brought my dog Max back from the edge and won my heart for good.

My boy Max, a wild Golden Retriever, bit off more than he could chew and swallowed some nasty stuff. I was losing my mind, scared I’d lose my fur buddy. We jetted to the Animal Clinic of Miami Dade, and damn, did they come through. They jumped into action like the pros they are, diagnosing Max on the double and getting down to business.

The care and urgency they showed were next level. The vets and nurses there, man, they treated Max like he was family, sticking by him all night, keeping a close eye on him. They kept me in the loop, broke down the techy stuff so I could understand, and never lost hope.

After a nail-biting 48 hours, Max began to turn the corner. It was a freaking miracle, all thanks to the expertise and heart at the Animal Clinic of Miami Dade. They didn’t just save Max; they gave me back my family member.

I’d throw down 10 stars for them any day. Scratch that, make it a hundred. They’re more than a vet clinic; they’re a shining light for pet owners. If your animal fam ever needs help, there’s no place better to trust. Mad love to the Animal Clinic of Miami Dade for their stellar work.
01.06.2024 21:26
The best service for your furry one! Bilingual, attentive, and overall make you feel comfortable. Wouldn’t want my pets to go anywhere else. They are truly the best at what they do!
01.06.2024 21:25
If you are looking for a place to care for your pet, without a doubt, Animal Clinic of Miami Dade is your best option. They offer you incredible care, offers and discounts. They also help you implement specialized care to keep your pet healthy and happy.
01.06.2024 21:25
Siempre acudo a ellos con confianza para el cuidado y salud de mi bb África ! Aparte de sus conocimientos la tratan con mucho amor ❤️
01.06.2024 21:25
Muchísimas gracias a todo el staff que nos brindó su mano, ayuda y orientación con amor y paciencia en la emergencia clínica de nuestro bebé frenchie Dembé. ¡GRACIAS! Ahora nos casamos con ustedes❤️


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