Milam's Market- Coconut Grove

Miami, 2969 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, FL 33133


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This store is always spotless clean! The staff is really friendly and helpful. They have European cookies and chocolate, which I love! Great job Milam's !!!!

Productos de gran calidad. Ambiente limpio y ordenado.

Excellent selection and the help from workers was outstanding friendly people going out of their way to find things!



Meat & Seafood (23)

Wine, Liquor & Beer (17)

Produce (32) Deli (14)

General Products (1)

Floral (4)

Bakery (3)

Condiments, Sauces & Spreads (14)

Snacks, Cookies & Crackers (22)

Bread (5)

Canned & Packaged Goods (10)

Dairy (8)

Beverages (38)

Household Supplies (11)

Breakfast Foods (1)

Candy (2)

Health & Family (4)

Personal Care (4)

Frozen (14)

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Reviews about Milam's Market- Coconut Grove

16.01.2024 15:19
Very good experience.
The store is well organized and has fair selection of products.
Was my first time in that store. Kind of bigger shopping for a boat trip.
First was a man who was working in the veggie area. I asked him for ginger. Get response that is missing for few days. Ok, can happen. Later on he surprised me finding me in the store and fining me … ginger! Was my first WOW!
Trying to find some items I asked Hanseen, who was busy stocking shelfs. She left her job and patiently showed me everything I needed. Nice, polite, dedicated!
Excellent service! Those people make my experience of simple shopping unforgettable.
Thank you! Have a prosperous new year!
16.01.2024 15:18
The best at the Grove, always fresh & wide variety of delicious products.
16.01.2024 15:17
I always got cold subs from the deli and the customer service is amazing!!!
19.08.2023 14:04
I Love this one
Always Classical music played ,plenty of good food ,nice customer service
19.08.2023 14:04
Very good place. Milam is like a luxury brand on supermarket field. Expect selected products and attentive staff.
19.08.2023 14:03
Very good variety and best quality you will get on a market.
19.08.2023 14:03
Whenever I'm in the neighborhood, I try and stop here, out of necessity or just finding something to munch on. The fruits, veggies, pre-made salads, and cooked foods are delicious. The design of the store is great, you can find everything you're looking for. Even what you weren't looking for. Found some delicious olive bread; we enjoyed it with some aged cheese and wine.
19.08.2023 14:02
the place where you get everything in the best environment
19.08.2023 14:02
Very caring of the customers, attention to detail,. I requested to see more Rolling Rock beer and to my surprise they really stocked the freezer,Thank you so much...!! From now on a repeated customer...!!!!
19.08.2023 14:02
Milam's Coconut Grove location has been home to a grocery store for four-plus decades, but has reached its apex with Milams, a small, local Greater Miami chain of moderately upscale supermarkets.

The Grove location has particularly good wine and craft beer selections, and if possible, will try to source a desired brew for you.

An added bonus is their adjacent liquor store, which offers all the usual mainline spirits, plus an unusually diverse array of single malt scotches, fine (sipping) rums, and tequilas.

The produce section of the grocery offers a wider array of specialty fruits, vegetables, and breads than mainline groceries, and we prefer their seafood and shellfish offering to most competitors most of the time.

The staff is friendly and helpful, and the management cooperative. It's a good place to food shop, especially for specialty items.
19.08.2023 14:01
Great source for prepared vegan meals!
19.08.2023 13:59
Nice market with a nice selection of coffees


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