Quick Tire

Miami, 410 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127


Like a tiny 2-bay oasis, this place saved my life. They had barely finished greeting me kindly before my car was lifted, wheel was off and I was in awe as they spun the rubber from the rim and repaired my tire and had me on my way. F— PepBoys who told me I’d have to leave my car all day. Come here and support local businesses and tradesmen! Thank you Quick Tire!!!

Great prices and extremely fast service - couldn’t be more happy about my experience here. They have literally every single tire new and used!

Always been fair and fast with me. Been only going there for years now.

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Reviews about Quick Tire

15.08.2023 14:12
Súper buena atención ! Rápido y barato . Gracias Jersom de Venezuela Que trabajó mega bien .
15.08.2023 14:11
Truly the best experience! 10 minutes and a $25 patch later I’m very happy! They were also kind and help you pull out!
15.08.2023 14:11
Super quick tire patch. Very helpful and kind!
15.08.2023 14:11
They took literally 5 minutes to repair my tire. Totally recommend and super helpful


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