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Miami, 527 SW 15th Ave 2nd ENTRANCE, Miami, FL 33135

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My check engine light came on. I had come here 2 years ago and was happy. So I came back and got quick same day service at a fair price. This is very good business.

Starting off, I must admit that I had serious reservations about going to a mechanic that wasn't recommended by a friend and solely based on reviews. Nevertheless, I'm extremely glad that I chose this particular shop. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Steven, who I believe to be the son of the owner. He displayed kindness and provided me with extensive information regarding the problems my car was experiencing. After leaving my car and going to work, I was pleasantly surprised when, after a few hours, I received pictures and videos from Steven illustrating exactly what the issue was. This level of service exceeded anything I have ever encountered, even at high-end establishments such as the collection. To be honest, I won't go into lengthy detail, but I highly recommend this mechanic shop.

Amazing experience!! a technician with exceptional customer service skills called Ricky took care of my flat tire in minutes. And the person that rang me up was super helpful as well. It was quick, efficient and fairly priced, will definitely come again if my car needs it.

Heard about this place from my dad after he posted on a Facebook community page in my hometown. I was recommended that I come here for any car issues. Grant it, I know nothing about cars, I followed the recommendation. I came here because my car needed a new battery and an oil change. They fixed it and replaced it very quickly and efficiently. I worked remotely and walked to the nearest Starbucks 4 blocks away, maybe a 10 minute walk. The guys here that helped me were great, Daniel and Steve were very helpful! I would recommend coming here if you want something done well and fast. They speak English and answer their phones quickly. Prices are fair and they have a year or year and a half warranty on the battery (I can’t remember) and you get put into the system, so it can be saved electronically, which is nice! Very great overall for anyone that lives close to the Brickell and Downtown area!

I highly recommend going to Rey’s. I used to go to Firestone for the convenience. After being ripped off several times, I was over it and needed to find a new mechanic. Bringing my car to Rey’s was a breathe of fresh air. They send you video updates of what’s going on w your car and keep you posted every step of the way. Stop giving the Firestones and pep boys of the world your money and bring your business to Rey’s. They provide a genuine human touch, where the other guys, you feel like a number/transaction. Rey’s is an 11/10, work with them, you won’t regret it!!

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Reviews about Rey's Auto Repair Services

14.12.2023 16:34
This is the best Auto Repair in Miami!! Your car gets taken care of immediately, the service is exceptional and the prices are unbeatable!! The team is truly amazing! They are loving, welcoming and treat you like family!!! You guys are the BEST!!
14.12.2023 16:33
I can highly recommend Rey’s Auto Repair. They will help you out, they are knowledgeable, professional and honest. They will treat you well and not over charge you. They will help you on the spot if they can. If it takes a while just go for a walk or have a drink at Ball and Chain, two blocks away on 8th Street.
14.12.2023 16:33
I initially started going to Rey’s Auto Repair for oil changes since I found they had really good reviews about being an honest family owned business and had decent pricing compared to most corporate mechanics. My car is getting older & I’ve had to bring my car back for some maintenance & they’ve done a great job at fixing my car issues and bringing up anything that truly needs repaired. I really appreciate when Steve sends me videos of the issues that will be getting work done, which gives me so much comfort in knowing there is really an issue and I can trust in them! Thank you Steve and Danny for always being so kind and having great customer service!
14.12.2023 16:33
I was recommended to this shop by a friend. I called beforehand and explained to them what was wrong with my car. Daniel provided me two possible scenarios of what it could be and the process of their repair. The service was quick and transparent once I arrived, they definitely won my trust. Will return in the future and appreciate their honestly and fair pricing.
14.12.2023 16:33
Uber shut me down after I reported driving through 3 feet of water on a ride and hearing a noise. Daniel diagnosed a piece of plastic cover dragging on the ground, put the car up on the lift, re-attached the plastic to the body with zip ties, and had me back on the road and approved with Uber within 15 minutes. They did a diagnostic, visual inspection, and were very professional. And I was out the door for less than $50. I found an amazing mechanic. FIVE STARS!!!
14.12.2023 16:33
Very professional and address my brake issues. Gave me a fair price and kept in communication with me through everything. Highly recommend.
14.12.2023 16:26
Mi gente favorita!!!! En este taller encuentras muy buen servicio, excelentes mecánicos,gente que sabe trabajar y con gran calidad humana, amables, muy respetuosos y muy serviciales,los conozco desde el año 2016 y siguen siendo iguales, Rey y Steve,el Argentino y el resto del personal son lo que todos necesitamos, les deseo mucho éxito y cosas lindas en esta vida, mi gente buena y de confianza se lo merecen de verdad. Lei una opinión de una mujer de la cual respeto su opinión pero no estoy de acuerdo, yo soy una mujer sola con un niño de 9 años,la cual lleva yendo hace varios años a este lugar y jamás en ningún lugar de Miami, me han tratado con tanto respeto y consideración cómo en este lugar.Steve y Rey su padre,son personas excelentes y muy considerados, con mucho respeto y caballerosidad con las mujeres, pues tengo varias amigas que también tienen a este taller y su gente, cómo su taller de preferencia y con la misma opinión respecto al trabajo y desempeño de estos trabajadores,gracias por siempre estar ahí.
14.12.2023 16:26
Daniel & Steven have the best availability to help you with any situation you have with your car, they are very honest people when making a quote.

For me it has been the best help with my car maintenance and repairs.

Important, they have the knowledge and tolls to make it possible.


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