IKEA Oak Creek

Milwaukee, 7500 S Ikea Way, Oak Creek, WI 53154

Such an interesting Swedish story

How did they come up with this? Make inexpensive and high-quality furniture

Perhaps it is somewhere deep in the minds of these wonderful guys

Everything must be in order

Seems like a standard, but not quite. Some special ideas and always striving for the ideal. The quality of each product.

This seems to be the soul of Swedish designers and their approach to business.

Everything should be to your liking and at a reasonable price. By the way, the issue of ecology has not been forgotten.

When IKEA entered the US market, the company's top experts invented the best solutions for this market.

It definitely worked out. Welcome to IKEA stores

IKEA is proud to offer its best products to customers in the United States.

A store of furniture and interior items, everything for the home from the world famous IKEA chain of stores. Offers a huge range of good products at low prices. Our offers will please any buyer. And our service is known all over the world. Our products are known and in demand in many countries around the world. Any of your ideas for decorating the space of your home will find solutions in our stores. We always care about quality and high level of service. When purchasing products in our stores, you can be sure of excellent quality and low prices for all products!

Our frequent discounts and sales will satisfy all your home furniture purchasing needs.

We create the best examples of our products specifically for the US market.

We are confident that any purchase from IKEA will bring pleasure to your family


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Reviews about IKEA Oak Creek

16.09.2023 16:55
Almost everyone has heard of IKEA These days. Not the best quality not the worst quality. They have meatballs so that's a thing. If you need home decor to bed frames that are low to medium quality this is the place to shop.
16.09.2023 16:55
I like the products, layout of the store, areas to sit or take a break as well as the restaurant. IKEA is a place you can shop, eat, and even hangout. I also enjoy the interior designs. As someone who is no expert in interior decoration, IKEA is a really great place to get inspiration for your kitchen, bedrooms, kids rooms, dining, living room and more. Even if you do not know how to put furniture together, you can pay a fee to have professionals build the furniture for you. It’s like they thought of everything! The staff were also helpful. Hope you also have a good experience!
16.09.2023 16:55
Loved this place during my college years and still love it now. Yes, critic's will argue that the furniture doesn't hold up well. But honestly, most furniture, even from the quality brands, don't hold up well either.

Just think about it. There was zero chance that any furniture would hold up to the abuse of me and my college roommates. There is also zero chance it will survive the abuse your kids will unleash on it. The chances improve when you're single, mild tempered middle-aged, a grandma or grandpa, etc.

When you think of inexpensive, stylish stuff with a lifespan, IKEA can't be beat!
16.09.2023 16:55
This location is great, very well staffed. We love the textiles and the storage solutions. I like that the maps overhead offer shortcuts throughout the store if you don’t feel like browsing.
16.09.2023 16:54
The man at the entrance was AWESOME! He helped me find exactly what I was looking for. I successfully navigated my way through got what I needed plus a few more things. It hard not to love IKEA truthfully.
16.09.2023 16:54
Cumple con los requisitos para realizar tus compras de muebles para el hogar a precios razonables.
Lugar limpio y ordenado, sus sanitarios son amplios y limpios.
Cuenta con estacionamiento amplio y con lugares para personas minusválidas,así con entrada especial.
16.09.2023 16:54
It's IKEA, we could wander all day with a handful of meatballs and never get bored.
16.09.2023 16:54
If you are looking for a place to look at furniture without feeling pressured this is the store to be. The store is easy to get to and one can find easy parking without the hassle. Once inside the store there's plenty to see without feeling overwhelmed or pressured. Employees are always helpful and free to assist.
16.09.2023 16:53
Great place! So many cool things and I enjoyed walking around! I absolutely loved the food!
16.09.2023 16:53
Theyvalways have what we want and the staff is more than helpful. They will walk you to what you are looking for and get other people to help as well if they can't find it. You may sometimes have a whole group of people helping you look for something. They are also very friendly.
16.09.2023 16:53
I literally adore this place its has some of the most comfortable furniture i have ever sat on plus if you just wanna explore you can go ahead
16.09.2023 16:53
It's huge in that store but so nice to walk around and see things setup. I was able to find a few things out of a million. I like the store. The meatballs were not all they were talked up to be just a simple recipe that's better cooked at home. Good luck.
16.09.2023 16:52
The furniture and wares are great, which is really why you go, but they're consistently out of stock when the next closest IKEA has the same items in stock. Employees are friendly but always seem stressed. I don't get the impression things are well run behind the scenes.
16.09.2023 16:52
Furniture is great, but the food is mid. If you've ever been to a European Ikea, then you will be severely disappointed, like I was. Again, the furniture is good, displays range from cute to classy, but the food makes me wanna cry.
16.09.2023 16:52
My favorite IKEA store of the three in the area. Workers are very kind. Stephanie in the kitchen department helped design the perfect kitchen for us as well as our office. The section is nice too. The store also allows you to exit with a cart unlike the Schaumburg location.
16.09.2023 16:51
Be careful ordering online. I order multiple items and everything arrived in good shape. However, I needed to return 1 item and it was a nightmare having that shipped back to IKEA. I have been on 6 phone calls with Ikea and it has been over 20 days and the package is still not able to be shipped back. Really frustrating experience. All you are left with is calling a call center. I was a big IKEA fan up to this point :(
16.09.2023 16:51
It’s Ikea, enough said. Most unique shopping experience in any box retail store!
16.09.2023 16:51
The place to find what you need for a good price! Some things are a hit or miss, but never fail to break your bank here for furniture and appliances! Don't forget to stop at the food court for Swedish meatballs!
16.09.2023 16:51
For me it was a labyrinth. I couldn't find .y way out. Thanks to the cleaning lady, she told me how to get out.
16.09.2023 16:51
Such a huge store. Friendly employees, good prices and nice layout. Could get lost for hours haha. Got my new desk and cabinets.
16.09.2023 16:50
Go on a weekday night - no lines, no peeps - psa - watch out for the unpleasant checker that watches you like you're gonna steal while you annoyingly check out your items. I think they should have them check us out instead but what do I know


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