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Minneapolis, 2610 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Reviews about AutoZone Auto Parts

21.10.2023 19:56
Thank you Brian and the other guy that was in a red shirt for the awesome customer service last night! You guys really helped me out to get home!
21.10.2023 19:56
It was the worst customer service ever I went into the store for the wires to my car battery and the two employees there were not helpful at all . I don’t know if they didn’t wanna help me or if they really didn’t know about the wires but it was a horrible experience
21.10.2023 19:56
They always seem to have when I need in stock
21.10.2023 19:56
Went in to inquire about what I needed to change out the tire/valve/etc on my cousin's van. There was a long line, no big deal. We waited patiently, as there were 2 staff members, a youngish looking kid and a 30ish man with glasses, probably 5'7"-5'8", helping people and we knew they were busy. Our turn came and I started telling the younger man about what I was looking for. The other staff suddenly interrupted and started yelling and telling me about what he thought I needed. He was yelling so loudly that everyone became quiet. I asked him if I should come over and simply speak with him, even though he had a customer with him. He didn't say yes, but continued to yell angrily about what he thought I needed. The young man helping me remained calm and continued to try and help me. The older staff who didn't know what I needed said "well, we don't even sell tires". To which I replied "I already have the tire" and finally he stopped yelling at me from the other counter. He halted his own transaction to interrupt mine and yell angrily at me. It was abrupt and disrespectful and %100 inappropriate. He needs some continuing education on customer service, professional behavior, and kindness. That is not how you speak to another human, especially if you're trying to sell them something. To halt the entire stores function, be yelling loud enough that everyone stops dead in their tracks, and to be wholly disrespectful like that is insane. I hope that he gets the proper training he needs to work with and around people or he will drive away all of your customers. Shame on him and if nothing is done to train him, shame on this store. I visited on 9/14/23 in the late afternoon.


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