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Minneapolis, 5801 W 16th St, St Louis Park, MN 55416

Costco Wholesale offers a unique selection of products in the USA at unbeatable prices.

Evaluate the selection and prices, come to our stores, we will offer service, low prices and better service.

Only in our stores you will find the best offers on the US market

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Costco originated the warehouse club concept more than three decades ago, and we continue to lead the industry in terms of quality, value and convenience.

We are known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our members, at prices consistently below other retailers. We feel strongly that we offer the absolute best values in the industry. 

Costco also features a fine line of quality products under our own Kirkland Signature™ private label. All Kirkland Signature products are guaranteed to be of equal or better quality than name brands.

Costco has been recognized throughout the country for providing our employees with real living wages – the highest in the industry – and for our ethical business practices.

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Reviews about Costco Wholesale Minneapolis

11.10.2023 15:03
Found what I was looking for, and got out with what I bought. Bathroom was clean, and employees were very helpful finding what I was looking for, as this was my first visit to this particular store. Second visit was much the same.
11.10.2023 15:02
I had to sign a form to tell them one of my hearing aids was lost & one has gone the washing machine & it found it in the dryer. They were better in person than they were on the phone. But, so was I probably. It was quite crowded on a Thursday mid to late afternoon. It was clean. I bought some beautiful deep pink gladiolus which brightened my day. Generally speaking, I don’t like going to Costco. They never have anything I want and they have far too much of everything else.
11.10.2023 15:02
Overcrowded with oversized carts makes for a ton of crabby people. I did enjoy the mom clothes and inexpensive plants. I bought many of both
11.10.2023 15:02
I love shopping at Costco they have some amazing deals.. The only downside would be the parking trying to find a parking spot St Louis Park location horrible.
11.10.2023 15:02
Like every other costco this place is amazing. Great staff, clean area; masks and distancing required. Great prices and superb pizzas! Oh and apparently you can buy caskets here. According to some random Facebook post
11.10.2023 15:02
Great prices on large screen tvs and pharmacy is reasonably priced excellent meat selection. Great prices on large screen tvs.
11.10.2023 15:01
Efficient, even by Costco standards. I avoid Costco on the weekends, this isn't my usual, but Saturday at 3:00 PM it was super crowded, but we got through check out super fast.
11.10.2023 15:01
I found out that mid-day Tuesday or Thursday is a good time to shop at Costco. I was in and out in 30 minutes.
11.10.2023 14:57
I had that other club card (I won’t mention Sam’s name), and I find that I like the Costco selection and benefits to be a fair amount better than their rival.

I’ve been twice since joining two months ago and feel I have already recouped the cost of the basic membership.

Prices and value range from “meh, it’s comparable” to “dang, this is gonna save me some serious $$). Newbies be warned, when you check out, the total is a bit daunting (read “huge”) however, consider that you’re getting 300 scented flex-force trash bags which could cost nearly double if you went to the big box corporations. Also, it’s imperative you take into consideration where you could possibly store the other 11 jumbo rolls of bougie paper towels as well as the 23 rolls of the quilted toilet tissues!

Also, the food is a VERY good value, and again, have a freezer ready that can accommodate the other ten (of 12) thickly sliced pork chops.

I did take one star off because the flow of in-store shopping is not done well. I chalk it up to the fact they are continuously getting new stuff and it can’t fit with the rest of that category, thus making those 300 scented trash liners end up being dumped across from the freezer that houses frozen pizza.
11.10.2023 14:57
El personal que trabaja en este lugar es muy eficiente y de mucha ayuda durante mis visitas.
11.10.2023 14:56
Arguably the smallest Costco location in Twin Cities! Doesn't carry same products or inventory levels as the other bigger stores! Very disappointing...


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