Azadi International Food Market & Bakery

Nashville, 391 Elysian Fields Ct, Nashville, TN 37211


Good meat in Nashville

The entire area is full of Mediterranean food stuffs

Expensive, has no price on items. Dirty. Non organize

Fresh baked bread daily, fresh lamb meat daily. Do not need to go elsewhere.

Good environment, Friendly and helpful employees and the bread and lamb meat that cannot be found in other places. I am very thankful to the owner for opening and running this store.

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Reviews about Azadi International Food Market & Bakery

14.10.2023 13:39
A nice, little international/ middle
Eastern/ halal grocery. They sell fresh meat, and other usual grocery stuff. The meat was fresh, and good. I was looking for some Indian spices. They have a lot of different spice varieties, however, not all Indian spices. I was specially looking for brown/ big/ black cardamom which was not there. They have some fresh produce/ vegetables and frozen stuff too. Overall, nice.
21.04.2023 07:40
They had everything I need it. The prices were reasonable.


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