Tulane Medical Center

New Orleans, 1415 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112

Tulane Medical Center, an acclaimed teaching, research, and medical facility, serving the greater New Orleans area, began in 1834 as a small, medical college with seven faculty members. The school was founded by three young physicians who had moved to New Orleans and recognized the need to study and treat “the peculiar diseases which prevail in this part of the Union,” including yellow fever and malaria. At the time, there were only 14 medical schools in the United States.

When the Louisiana Legislature established the University of Louisiana in 1847, the Medical College of Louisiana was incorporated into the school. The reputation of the medical college grew quickly, and its enrollment expanded over the years leading up to the Civil War.

In 1976, Tulane University opened its own private, 235-bed hospital to offer high quality and specialized inpatient and outpatient hospital services, as well as postgraduate medical education programs and applied research projects. This hospital is now Tulane Medical Center.

In 1995, Hospital Corporation of America acquired Tulane Medical Center. In 2005, Lakeside merged with Tulane Medical Center, changing its name to Lakeside Hospital, thus creating the multihospital system known as Tulane Health System. Most recently, in 2017, Lakeview Hospital in Covington, La, joined the Tulane Health System.

Tulane Health System, an acclaimed teaching, research, and medical system serving the greater New Orleans area. Tulane Health System includes Tulane Medical CenterLakeside HospitalLakeview Hospital , and more than 25 clinics throughout the community.

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Reviews about Tulane Medical Center

12.11.2023 22:09
This Hospital is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to. You can call them a million times they don’t answer and if they do and you tell them what you need, they never come. It’s sad to have people working in a place that don’t really care about the patient in there. Never again will I come to Tulane Hospital 1415 Tulane Ave. You all need to be fired. Every last one of you‼️‼️‼️‼️
12.11.2023 22:08
The reviews for the ER room doesn't do this place justice. Although the service at the hospital was much faster than the ER. I've found the nurses to be friendly, the physicians had good bedside manner, and the specialist urologists to be excellent communicators and skillful surgeons. Thank you.
12.11.2023 22:08
My experience with Tulane Health System was GREAT and DISHEARTENING. My Mother Reganer A. Edwards was transferred to Tulane from Ochsner for an ISCHEMIC STROKE. Thanks to the awesome STROKE TEAM and awesome ICU TEAM. Now where I had issues with THS. First the cafeteria. I was served and sold “SPECIAL EGGS”. Yes they were very SPECIAL. Thirty minutes after digesting “SPECIAL EGGS” I became VIOLENTLY ill. I thought I was in need of emergency assistance it was so bad. So for about 90 minutes I was unable to be there for my Mother. Second your environmental services are totally HORRIBLE!!! The housekeeper came in changed the trash can liner and said have a nice day. As you will see this was the room my Mother was in. NASTY!! And what was that coming to the ceiling?? The AC unit’s temperature could not be controlled and it made this unbearable noise. As you see a blanket had to placed over it so my Mother wouldn’t feel like she was freezing. And the nursing staff on the 5th floor weren’t very nice. And to add insult to injury, I am having trouble getting assistance with the medicine my Mother needs. I called for assistance and I am getting the run around. Still waiting for a return phone call and my Mother really needs this medicine like yesterday. I am a health care provider and for me this is unreal. I am hoping and praying that I nor anyone I know has to ever stay in your facility or needs assistance after a stay in your facility.
12.11.2023 22:08
Update 7/21/2023.
I am updating because I have to commend Tulane’s doctors and staff for their outstanding care during my breast cancer treatment.

I have been a patient at Tulane for many years. From in internal medicine to gynecology to orthopedics to surgery to PT, the staff and doctors are always courteous, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.
12.11.2023 22:07
I went at 12am and before I finished my paperwork vitals were taken and I went straight to the back. They check for COVID which I had, gave me ibuprofen release paperwork and I was on my way in about 30mins. Not being from here I felt so sure with the care I received thank you guys for taking good care of me!
12.11.2023 22:07
My husband had to have emergency surgery. Dr. McGrew was his doctor. All the doctor's and nurse's were great. He received excellent care while in this hospital. We can't thank them all enough.He was on the 6th floor and in SICU.
12.11.2023 22:07
Went there after a fall. Nurses, intake staff and x ray techs were incredibly nice and helpful. The actual DRs were nasty, uncommunicative, bullying and downright rude. The DRs also seemed to not communicate to one another because one told me that I had fractured my left hip and another claimed it was the right hip.
I asked about caring for my injury at home. One ( nurse, I think), said that the fracture would " pierce my organs", one said that would be healing " within a few weeks", another said that " I would never walk again".
All of the DRs pressured me to submit to surgery.
None were willing to discuss with me dealing with my injury at home.
One DR suggested that because I had taken 6 Ibuprofen with a glass of wine before coming to Tulane that I was too " intoxicated " to make my own decisions".
Finally they let me go and gave me a pain medicine prescription. Though I asked for something non addictive, when I got home I saw that it was an opioid. Warning included addiction.
So to the DRs at Tulane, I am getting around okay, considering it's been 3 days. For your information, I am guessing the left hip since it's more problematic and I am using ibuprofen, not the opioid prescription that you gave me.
Yay for the nurses and techs. You guys were pleasant, helpful, sympathetic and kind but someone needs to tell the doctors not to be nasty.
I imagine that they have long shifts and a lot to deal with, but each patient is an individual and deserves respect and to be listened to. Also listen to each other, right hip, left hip! Get it together.
12.11.2023 22:06
Went to the ER from falling and cutting open my head. Excellent care and evetyone was very nice. No waiting and even had a Cat Scan. A big bang to the end of my trip


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