University Medical Center New Orleans LCMC Health

New Orleans, 2000 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70112

University Medical Center, part of the LCMC Health family of hospitals, was built for and by New Orleans. We're home to the Avery C. Alexander Academic Research Center and the largest training center for healthcare professionals in Louisiana. That means you can count on us to bring the latest and greatest expertise to your care, every time you step through our doors.

University Medical Center at a glance

Our treatment facilities provide high levels of patient care availability to handle anything that comes our way.

University Medical Center helps our community by offering:

446 licensed inpatient beds
60 behavioral health beds
2,779 employees
753 physicians in 78 specialties
2.3 million square feet for healthcare services
19 surgical suites
5-story Clinic building with 276 exam rooms
68,755 emergency room visits
5 trauma rooms
185,609 primary and specialty care visits

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Reviews about University Medical Center New Orleans LCMC Health

12.11.2023 22:00
So it will be 7 years on September 6, 2023 since I was a patient at this so-called hospital. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in my spine. The abuse and trauma I went through with many medical teams was horrific and it constantly stays with me every day. All the abuse started after I spoke with patient relations, because interns were waking me up 25+ times a day. I pay for my care, NOT for their credit hours. The patient relations team told me that I did not have to deal with the interns. They said that I could just deal with the professional doctors. Once I started turning away the interns everyone turned against me and treated with tremendous disrespect and emotional abuse. This greatly affected my care emotionally and physically. I could share stories you would NOT believe! I'm MUCH less afraid of dying than I am of ending up at this hospital again. I'm calling their team today to make sure I don't receive ANY future treatment from this facility. The reviews show me that this hospital has not changed.
12.11.2023 22:00
Hospital should be destroyed, nurses should go into something they can do other than what they paid a school that knows nothing about seizures, this doesn't even get 1 star cuz the hospital needs to be destroyed all the care about is drug addicts and drug seeking psychos I was just in attacked on Sunday September 11th and THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME
12.11.2023 22:00
This is ridiculously insane I came here at 9pm still haven't seen a doctor. It's now 3am and still no word the audacity. This place is horrible wish I really had somewhere else to go. It is now 736am and I'm just now getting to the back to be seen and thts a wait to!
12.11.2023 21:59
The resident, Michael Reep, who saw me, touched me without my consent and nobody else in the room.
Then when he got his supervisor, that doc told me in 30 seconds he didn't believe my diagnoses and wanted to change my entire medication regime to guess and check using my body and life.
When I expressed concern, the resident condescendingly stated, "Have you been to medical school?" As if I haven't been sick for as long as he's been alive.

The security guard, Gol, followed me out of the building mocking my disability, and interrupting my phone conversation with an advocate constantly. He intentionally attempted to escalate me.

Their patient experience director does not know the term 'gaslighting,' did not listen to my report entirely before submitting it, did not include the security guard abuse, and did not name the residents behavior as sexual assault, when touching someone without consent is that. She instead told me I was being abusive because I told her it was inexcusable for her to ignore me and not submit my report.

2 weeks later I received a letter stating their staff is knowledgeable. Nothing else. No investigation. No fixing the incomplete report. And no call back when I called them and told them all of this.

This hospital will abuse you and they do not care. They do not take abuse seriously, and, their staff intentionally abuses you and then tries to use your response against you like a classic bait and switch domestic violence situation.

This is "medical care" at UMC. They should be shut down.
12.11.2023 21:59
Thank you American Nurses Association (ANA) four million USA nurses for supporting our 46th President as he directs $100 million toward nursing home staffing and adequate nurse levels in hospitals nationwide.
12.11.2023 21:59
UMC that's part of LCMC Heath Care that just bought the Tulane Emergency Building and other sites can"t put "Patient Care First" it's all about making money for LCMC Heath Care! UMC Emergency Room is a "Joke"! This Emergency Room takes in so many patients but not enough beds for them upstairs! I visited the Emergency Room on October 10th 2023 at around 8am because of Chest Pain and was immediately taken in to get an EKG done than blood work.Than was told to wait back in the waiting area.Minutes later was called back up to the nurses desk for to get X-Rays done than to wait in the lobby again.I was not seen by a doctor that was in the back intill 10am on the 11th October 2023! (THE NEXT MORNING,SHIFT CHANGE)To be given some cough syrup that I could of gotten over the counter!The Patient Registation Staff had me sign some patient rights etc.. But when I was handing her my parking slip to get it validated she said you don't get that validated intil your discharged from the hospital which I find that very strange!When I was in my car leaving and at the gate ask me to insert my card which I did. The charge for my car being parked in the garage all night was only $8.00 which was coverI was d by umc and the gate opened and I left. . was parked in that garage more than the $8.00 charge... Something is very fishy going on with that!DO NOT PATRONIZE LCMC EMERGENCY ROOM BECAUSEAnYOU WILL BE WAITING IN THE WAITING AREA FOR A WHOLE Day before being seen by the next shift doctor !UMC EMERGENCY room needs to hiring more staff and to pay them what there worth to open more floors upstairs which is not being done!So patients like me won't be waiting all day till the next day to be see by a doctor and if needed be admitted !!
12.11.2023 21:58
For some reason my daughter was brought here instead of Children’s Hospital for her accident and had to have surgery. Spending TWO days in the emergency room with no food and no answer to when they would do surgery we got to a room. She was taken to surgery at 9:30pm. Because “visiting” hours end at 8 my husband could not see our daughter. Upon asking about a transfer SEVERAL times to Children’s Hospital to 11 different people I was told I have to speak to someone else and I am being giving the run around. Fast forward to 1:30am when a surgical staff came into my daughter’s room and said he was coming to talk to me about my daughter going to surgery. My daughter had already HAD surgery. He apologized and said have a good night. Online information is not correct and I cannot wait for my attorney to come this morning hoping he will be able to get a transfer
12.11.2023 21:58
the waiting times are horrible for those who walk in is understood that same urgencies are mote important than others but at least staff at front desk should be able to let patients waitin how long it approximately it could take before being able to see a doctor but instead all they can tell you is few more hours my friend was in pain and waited 13 hours and was never seeing by the doctor., it is very unfair and inhumane to have pasome.patients waiting to long if they cant see them let them know so they can make a decision inhumaneinhave sa
it is very
12.11.2023 21:57
Please whatever you do go somewhere else I’ve been at this hospital with my friend who has been having chest pains for 7 hours in the emergency room. The security guards act as if you’re visiting someone who’s in jail. They pat you down more than tsa. They have a metal detector. Its so bad I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go here. …
12.11.2023 21:57
Take forever to be helped... people are almost dying, crying, and they have to wait around 3hrs the minimum to get a doctor.
12.11.2023 21:57
You will literally die in the ER lobby before you’re seen. They stopped the re-opening of Big Charity, destroyed an entire neighborhood to build this beautiful hospital, just for subpar service. Checked in at 6pm, left at 11pm after not being seen is unacceptable. I repeat YOU WILL DIE in the lobby before being seen. In an emergency Tulane is right down the street, Ochsner Baptist is 10 minutes away. Please save yourself the trouble. AGAIN YOU WILL DIE IN THE LOBBY BEFORE YOU ARE SEEN.


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