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Since 1954, Veselka has been serving up traditional Ukrainian food in the heart of the East Village.

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Absolutely incredible pierogi, approved by this Polish! Wonderful atmosphere, fast service, and fantastic food.

First time I tried borscht, both the vegetarian and the meat borscht were excellent. Staff is friendly no nonsense people. 100% recommend

Dope. If you don’t love their food, you’re an idiot. The Kodak breakfast is great. Go here. Now

Food is authentic and delicious. The borscht is even better than my grandma's (no one tell her). Absolutely worth the wait.

- They say it's Ukrainian soul food, and I really really believe it. Try the beet and horseradish salad- it will change your life. Have a chocolate or vanilla egg cream this will also add to and change your life for the better!

A warm and welcoming experience from the wait staff, who were unobtrusive and attentive. The ambience was tasteful. For someone accustomed to spicy food, was bland. Set at the back of and deep into a building, I was struck by its emptiness, and wondered at people patronizing, but maybe most people came later or they came to support the Ukrainian people, even if in a small way.

Excellent Ukrainian comfort food! Service was great. My friends and I stayed a while and no one tried to hurry us out even though the restaurant was busy. This place is an institution and just keeps getting better!

Є банош? Нема баношу! Це не українська кухня. Це шароварщина. Дизлайк. А про борщ — моя бабця кращий готує(їй 92 роки). Там українцям немає чого робити. Ширпотреб для американців. Дуже сумно, дуже гнітить, що американці ідуть туди і складають собі хибне враження про нашу кухню.

Great service, great food, great atmosphere

Pancakes, bacon and eggs. So good! Odd items to order from this type of restaurant - I know. Friends had traditional items, which they enjoyed.

The best!! Love their pierogis, borscht, and the cabbage wrapped meat was surprisingly good.

It's always a nostalgic trip for me I used to hang out here with friends back in my high school days.

Delicious stuffed cabbage and Ukrainian beer with very good service. The place was packed on a Wednesday night, and I can see why. I'm planning to go back very soon to try other dishes.

Well to be truthful not as good as the Ukrainian national home next door. But if not line go there. If you get the perogies tell them to pay fry with onions.

It’s a place that brings a bit of home taste for Ukrainians in NYC and a unique and delicious meal for anyone who stops by. The staff were very welcoming and helpful. The food was fresh and I didn’t have to wait long. I ordered beef stroganoff that goes with a side dish of your choice ( I picked mixed green salad). The atmosphere is lively and there are nice Ukrainian paintings around on the walls.

Legendary Ukrainian restaurant in East Village. Still holds up its reputation for simplicity speed and quality

Historic and fabulous borst. The perogies are small bites.The chicken papricka and stroganoff were delicious.

The place is crowded during peak lunch and the service becomes slow, but amazing food otherwise. We tried the Meat Borscht soup and Crispy Chicken Schnitzel, loved them both!

When we got there, there was a line out the door to get a table. Initially, I was a little wary of standing in line for a restaurant that I'd never tried before. However, it was absolutely worth the wait. I ordered a coffee, cheese pierogi, and the Reuben sandwich with house made chips and a side of borscht. The coffee was so good I had a big ol smile on my face while drinking it. In addition, I practically inhaled the pierogi.

My one critique is of the Reuben sandwich. It's served on a delicious rye bread, with all of the standard accoutrements of a Reuben. Yet, there was minimal sauerkraut. The sandwich, overall, was satisfactory, but it could be improved. The atmosphere, staff, and food all convinced me that I will definitely be back to sample other menu items!

The spirit is up. The food is tasty and comforting. And the cause of Ukrainian freedom brings guests and staff together. Food draws from Hungary and Poland as well as Ukraine. Great borscht. Delicious latkes. And across the street is one of the most beautiful terra cotta faced buildings in all of Manhattan.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC at any time of day. Great service and atmosphere, and delicious traditional Ukrainian food. Such a comforting place to catch up with friends over borscht, stuffed cabbage, and pierogi.

Got the chicken paprikash and potatoes salad as a side. The potato salad was amazing with the fresh herbs, right amount of seasoning and richness! Absolutely loved it. But perhaps I’m not a fan of Ukrainian cuisine. I found the chicken paprikash to be non-inspiring with a chicken stew-like gravy poured over some boiled noodles. Definitely felt like a nostalgic and home-cooked dish, but maybe not what I was expecting. Great service nonetheless!

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Reviews about Veselka

22.12.2023 22:43
Personally for me,not even close to authentic ukraine cousine dishes but good place for east village
22.12.2023 22:40
Today we had a pleasant lunch at Veselka! It was packed for a Monday there was even a wait outside to get in and the line stayed strong at around 8-10 people from 1-2 when we were there which is a great sign.

The service was fantastic. Everyone was very kind and attentive.

Inside is neat with plenty of Ukrainian pride throughout the decor.

The food? Solid. Not the absolute best that I've had but solid. The pierogi was delicious. The short rib really stood out. The stuffed cabbage however was unfortunately mostly filler. I've never had one with so little meat inside it was 90% rice. The salad was fresh and the latkas were also very delicious as a starter for the table. A serving was 3. The beef stroganoff was also again keeping with the theme very delicious. If you're in the area it's definitely worth dining for a unique menu for the area.
22.12.2023 22:40
Delicious Ukrainian food. Been going here since forever

Brought some friends from Spain and Columbia and they were like it's delicious here. So highly recommended
22.12.2023 22:40
Always delicious, always worth the walk from the West Village to the East Village for breakfast. Service was swift but casual as we enjoyed coffee outside at a table along the windows. The boiled vegetarian pierogies were plump and soft and had rich flavors. Beets. Christmas borscht. Potato pancake covered in sauerkraut and Swiss cheese (I think)...oh man it was good. ❤️
22.12.2023 22:39
We visit early on Sunday mornings for breakfast - great atmosphere and good food!
22.12.2023 22:39
A lively and popular restaurant serving delicious Ukrainian fare, from Pirogis to Paprikash, from with latkes and borscht in between. Expect a long wait (we were on line for 40 minutes on a Tuesday night around 7pm). Once inside the service was fast and the food satisfying.
13.04.2023 16:16
Delicious food, attentive and kind service, great prices, and the vegetarian options are excellent.


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