Oklahoma ER & Hospital

Oklahoma City, 15103 N Pennsylvania Ave, Edmond, OK 73013

Oklahoma ER & Hospital is a part of Nutex Health (NASDAQ: NUTX), being the 1st specialty hospital to bring the communities in Oklahoma accessible, concierge-level care they can trust.

Our physician owned hospital offers comprehensive care from illnesses to major trauma, even life-threatening conditions. Our facility is open 24/7, 365, featuring concierge-level care in a comfortable, upscale environment with no wait times and faster results for diagnostic imaging and lab tests.

A Higher Standard of Emergency Care


Adult & Pediatric Emergency Care


Board Certified Emergency Physicians

Oklahoma ER & Hospital was conceived with a simple, yet visionary idea – to bring quick and compassionate, concierge-level emergency care to its community.

Our inclusive facility offers completely comprehensive medical care, treating both major and minor injuries. Whether you need imaging for a broken bone or testing for an infection, you can count on our team of expert staff and physicians to deliver the emergency care you deserve.

To get a quote for care, come in today for a free basic medical screening.

No matter your injury or ailment, Oklahoma ER & Hospital is ready and equipped to quickly treat you and your loved ones. Our facility features drastically reduced wait times, highly individualized care and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring your health and happiness. For more information about our facility and the services we offer, check out the following links.

Inpatient Services

Clinical Services

Outpatient Services

Services Offered

Imaging and Laboratory

Pediatric Care

Occupational Medicine

Auto Injury

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Reviews about Oklahoma ER & Hospital

16.11.2023 22:26
Honestly my family and I love this care we receive. The only negative I will say is one of the nurses needs some IV training. He went to start my iv, missed and began digging in my arm, he knew I was Uncomfortable and continued to dig and when I asked him to stop he was like are you sure it’s right here. Then he attempted another spot, as soon as it went in he hit a nerve, I told him immediately he hit a nerve. He continued to dig around even though I was in pain and had informed him like fingers were tingling. He eventually stopped trying and got another nurse who was able to start in first try. However, I now have a nerve injury in my hand. The doctor and nurses we have encountered on visit were very kind. But I do have that one request about iv training and I wish he would have listened. I also believe the digging in arms to find a vein is an outdated method of iv training and needs to be reevaluated, no one likes that and it does not feel good, which I continued to explain.
16.11.2023 22:26
I have never filled out one of the surveys until today because I feel it must be sad, Because some people don’t recognize that integrity is all we have left in this world, And your reputation is everything:

As always, when I have visited, the nurses are awesome. They are always smiling and ready to assist you. so far everything was as expected. I like that they set the atmosphere with the attitude of, "You may not be feeling well, but we want to let you know it’s gonna be OK." Even The Nurse in the end with the temporary Medication that helped me to relieve my pain was very cheerful. It made me feel relaxed. Both male and female nurses make me feel welcome as always.

It was very good that I experienced my first "in the room x-ray." that was cool as well as impressive. The x-ray technician was very kind witty and made me feel relaxed why she assisted me though I was in major pain.

HOWEVER,, my experience with this "said" Dr was less than pleasing. The first thing that struck me was that pitiful appearance as he het entered the room, disheveled, looking like he had been sleeping, looking very unkept in his presentation. He actually didn’t appear to be a doctor, but rather some homeless guy they found on the street because their regular "scheduled" Dr had called in, "sick!"

However, that wasn’t the only thing: in his examination, He came in twisted my arm, this way and that way, while not showing any compassion, actually, was twisting my arm while The Nurse was trying to take my blood pressure, with her stating "Please don’t do that," Under her breath, expecting my blood pressure to shoot up as he twisted my arm with me yelling out in pain. I mean, like who does that?

With that, this "practicing physician of sorts" was totally clueless of his staff currently attempting to finish assisting me trying to record my vitals, not only made the feeling in my shoulder worse, only asked me a couple of questions while in the room less than 5 to 7 minutes. (In-N-Out, In-N-Out that’s what this doctor was all about)

He was in and out before I knew it. All he said is what he was going to give me an x-ray give me some meds, and that there was nothing he could do for me that I had to go and see an orthopedist, and that was that. he turned around, walked out, and I never saw him again. I guess he was in a hurry, trying to get back to the dream he was having before He walked in looking like he had just awaken.

I have been at this ER hospital many times before and have never felt so "Kicked to the curb" And pay $150 co-pay just for this doctor to tell me to go see someone else was totally unacceptable. He never even said I hope you feel better after you have seen someone else, Or taking the medicine, After a good nights, rest from the medication, Etc. etc. etc.. He could’ve said anything, but he said nothing.

I don’t know what it is, but maybe you guys must’ve had a bad day on doctors. I am 64 year old. Recovering heart Patient in an all my recovery I have never experienced a worse or Dr, In my entire life. I mean for $150 I expected way more. I would’ve done better at some disheveled urban neighborhood financially supported Clinic. As you can tell, I am totally displeased.

The staff of nurses, as always, showed impeccable service and professionalism. I give them a 10+ on a scale of one to 10.

For the , sorry for disheveled look like he just woke up in your clothes you slept in all week, needing to shave and some professional training classes (Because your appearance, as well as your examination, presentation
this patient who just paid $150 to witness all of this waste of time and energy, while risking the reputation of this awesome ER Hospital, truly sucked), You get a -1000. On a scale of one to 10.
16.11.2023 22:26
Quick and prompt to see me. Was called back before I could finish the intake paperwork. Everyone was friendly and I will return if needed. Hopefully, I don't require another ER visit anytime soon.
16.11.2023 22:25
Pass this hospital everyday for months. Never knew how great they are. Been traveling miles to hospital not realizing had one that was so amazing right down the street from our home!! Our emergency to go to hospital for future visits.
16.11.2023 22:25
I was in the ER nearly two hours with a very painful knee. I told the doctor that it hurt most to fully straighten it. He took a regular x-ray and sent me off with an immobilizer that made my leg stay perfectly straight.
16.11.2023 22:25
Needed an MRI sooner than my insurance could approve. Got in within 24 hours at cash pay price MUCH lower than my insurance co-pay. Highly recommend.
16.11.2023 22:25
Very efficient, friendly staff. We had absolutely no wait. We left another ER because we waited over an hour. Plus the snack and refreshments were a nice bonus
16.11.2023 22:24
My six-year-old got her finger stuck in the middle of a metal hand bell. After trying lotion and icey water to cause the swelling to go down, we took her to the emergency room. They were not able to cut the bell off of her finger, so they used a very creative way to get her finger out, using a suture and thread. The nurses and doctor and staff were all very helpful and comforting during the stressful situation. We would definitely visit this location again in an emergency situation!
16.11.2023 22:24
This is the best ER I’ve ever been at. From the time we walked thru the door until we left the staff made us feel welcomed. They took their time and ACTUALLY LISTENED TO US. They were patient, caring and competent. The facility was spotless and inviting. Bonus: my granddaughter & grandson got gifts. Also in the lobby they have FREE SNACKS (chips, soft drinks, orange juice, coffee). I highly recommend Oklahoma ER & Hospital for your ER visit.
16.11.2023 22:23
I was in from Dallas visiting my dad and felt bad with temp. So I went to this urgent care ER. I was one of 2 patients and it still took the Dr. almost an hour to see me. None of the employees were smiling or friendly with the exception of the receptionist and a male nurse.
Thankfully I was in and out in about 2 1/2 hours. Smile and be friendly folks it’s super easy and makes people feel better.
16.11.2023 22:23
Oklahoma ER & Hospital is a great alternative to larger ERs for middle of the night visits. We've never had to wait to be seen and they are thorough. Dr. Lee and the staff are kind.
16.11.2023 22:23
Each visit, I have been more than happy with the care I’ve received at Oklahoma ER & Hospital. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and really want to help. 10/10 for the nurses, doctors, and other staff members who you may encounter. The reason for 4 stars is the time spent at this establishment. I believe I have only been here twice and both times, I had (what felt like) an extreme wait time in my room. I will say I get taken back to be seen quickly but if you need to be in and out, don’t expect that here! If you don’t mind waiting a few hours in the room and having a lovely staff, I highly recommend this establishment.
16.11.2023 22:23
The entire staff was so kind and caring. They made my very nervous 12 year old feel at ease. I would 10/10 recommend.
16.11.2023 22:22
Quick, professional & appropriate care with a great care team!


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