Adam Halal Meats or Mera bazar

Orlando, 7333 Lake Underhill Rd, Orlando, FL 32822


Very nice grocery store to do Pakistani, Indian, and Carribean food shopping. Prices are fair. Halal meat available, which is cut on site. They can cut you meat any which way you want.

Not all items are marked with a price. I was charged double for two items I buy regularly. The owner was dishonest and refused to take responsibility. Make sure to ask for prices on any unpriced products, otherwise they will just charge you whatever they want.

Guy at the register was supper helpful & Very nice  super customer service friendly. Helped me pick out best choice of Lamb. Got me a few new taste treats as well.

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Reviews about Adam Halal Meats or Mera bazar

13.10.2023 20:10
Good place for halal especially Pakistani grocery, very economical and huge variety of desi stuff.
Really liked the TAZA brand chapati roti, felt like homemade roti.
Have been to the famous apna bazar few days ago but found prices more competitive here at Adam's. Recommended
13.10.2023 20:10
Lots of products,clean place, and very good service. Everytime I go to Orlando, I go there to get my spices, rice and tahini.
14.04.2023 17:56
good store
14.04.2023 17:55
Best friendly shopkeeper with good prices everyone needs to visit here


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