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When charged with a crime, you know that your entire future is at risk. You want a law firm you can trust to protect your rights and your future.

The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates in Orlando features former public defenders and former state prosecutors who know firsthand how the prosecution will likely handle your case.

With experience overseeing hundreds of cases, we can prepare an effective defense that anticipates prosecutors’ tactics before they are even presented. We have extensive experience with charges of DUI, drug crimes, domestic violence, theft and all other felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Criminal Defense

DUI Charges

Drug Charges

Domestic Violence

Theft Crimes

Sex Crimes

Violent Crimes

Criminal Traffic Violations

Juvenile Defense

White Collar Crimes

Говорит на Русском

Уголовное право

Апелляции по уголовным делам, преступления, связанные с наркотиками, лишение свободы, мошенничество, преступления с применением огнестрельного оружия, преступления в Интернете, преступления на сексуальной почве, кражи, тяжкие преступления


Домашнее насилие

Защита по уголовным делам о домашнем насилии, запретительные судебные приказы о домашнем насилии

Ювенальное право

Преступление белых воротничков

Кори Коэн - бывший государственный защитник и государственный обвинитель 18-го и 5-го судебных округов Флориды. Он получил степень юриста на юридическом факультете Университета Барри и степень магистра права в области межкультурных прав человека на юридическом факультете Университета Сент-Томаса.

После окончания школы Барри Кори работал в Управлении общественного защитника, где представлял обвиняемых по уголовным делам в сотнях дел. Позже в этой карьере Кори согласился на встречу с государственной прокуратурой, где он вел уголовные дела. Благодаря своему опыту работы в офисе Государственного защитника и в качестве государственного прокурора он руководил тысячами дел, от предъявления обвинения до суда присяжных. Кори без колебаний передаст ваше дело в суд.

Он доступен для всех федеральных и государственных сборов.

Его опыт включает случаи хранения наркотиков, DUI / DWI, вождение с отстранением лицензии, нарушение испытательного срока, мошенничество, кражи со взломом, проступки, несовершеннолетние, кражи в крупных размерах, тяжкие преступления, ограбление с применением огнестрельного оружия, покушение на убийство и убийство; Просто назвать несколько. Рейтинг AV от Martindale-Hubbell Кори Коэн имеет рейтинг AV от Martindale-Hubbell, ведущего общенационального юридического справочника для оценки способностей всех адвокатов и юридических фирм на всей территории Соединенных Штатов. Его рейтинг AV, основанный на конфиденциальных мнениях других местных поверенных и местных судей, которые лучше всего подходят для оценки юридических способностей Кори, означает наивысший рейтинг, присвоенный Мартиндейл-Хаббелл как с точки зрения правоспособности, так и с точки зрения этики. Юридический справочник Мартиндейл-Хаббелл обычно называют «желтыми страницами для адвокатов»,

Кори Коэн ранее был адъюнкт-профессором в Университете Каплана, где он читал курсы делового права и правовой этики, а также был бывшим президентом Коллегии адвокатов округа Семинол

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Reviews about , специалист The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates

10.12.2023 13:19
Spoke with a number of attorneys throughout Florida,, and just retained Corey I. Cohen & Associates. Before I paid the retainer fee, Angela, thier office manager, spoke with me at some length regarding what I was looking for; she expressed empathy and kindness along with a thorough knowledge of the firm without trying to sell me on anything.. When she recommended I speak with one particular attorney that she had in mind, I was already sold and trusted her completely. Later that afternoon, I had a call with one of thier attorneys, Jason Willis. We had a long conversation about my concerns and legal exposure in a particular situation. He proved to be knowledgeable, asked a lot of questions, gave me very specific examples and some much needed sound advice; some of the other attorneys that I spoke with gave me the distinct impression that they were more interested in collecting large retainer fees and billing hours- Jason came off as extremely ethical and truly has my best interest in mind. And finally…despite my distress, Jason made me feel very comfortable and even got me to laugh a bit. That’s a gift in itself. I feel incredibly confident in his ability to represent me and trust him without hesitation. I am glad and grateful that I found Corey I. Cohen and Associates and am very happy that Jason is representing me.
10.12.2023 13:19
This last year has been one of the worst I've ever had to deal with. Rachel, Stephanie, and Angela have been there to help me every step of the way. With all of their hard work, my tedious questions, constant emails trying just for basic understanding they have managed to never skip a beat. They reassured me thru the entire process that everything was handled and it was! They answered every call and email. The simplest question was answered. Thru our times together I learned how it felt to have an honest team on your side. I promise I could not have made it thru without all the help from a great firm! This office cares about the people they are helping. It's rare to find and it's a true blessing! Thank you all. I can't possibly show you the amount of gratitude I have for the entire team!
10.12.2023 13:18
More than satisfied with my results working with the Law Office of Corey Cohen. I’ve had them deal with my criminal cases and traffic cases. I wish I had known about this firm sooner. I have a few speeding tickets from before where I had paid and dinged my driver record and insurance. Even since I had this firm handle my traffic cases, I have had no points affected on my driving record even after numerous occasions with traffic violations.

I was recently ticketed for allegedly going 120 in a 60 and it was dismissed completely! Great work by this firm. Thank you to Stephanie Ramlakhan for your hard work!

I also had them defend me on my criminal cases all of which have ruled in my favor. I’ve referred numerous friends as well all of which have ruled in their favor!


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