Budget Car Rental Orlando Airport (MCO)

Orlando, 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd (Term A&B, Orlando, FL 32827

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Some interesting reviews

Amazing service very efficient, caring reliable. It was just something that you can depend on to come through and some thing that you won’t need to worry about as far as you know. Oh what am I getting? What does it look like budget was amazing. Their quality is top-notch lovely service. The staff is very empathetic and helpful. I would definitely rent from budget for all my car rental needs. They’re awesome.

I prepaid my rental reservation online, planning to choose a compact car. Budget had this “mystery car” option, so I tried it, as I figured it couldn’t be any smaller than my preference. To my surprise, I got a full-sized, red Dodge Charger!! Wow! It was comfy and fun to drive! The checkout and check-in was quicker than expected. I love that they have the option to pre-pay for fuel. That saved me from looking for a gas station in a strange town, when I was rushing to the airport. Super convenient all the way around! I would definitely choose Budget again!

My Budget car rental experience was smooth from booking the vehicle online to pickup and drop-off. I was able to pick up the car in the same terminal my plane landed in at Orlando Airport (MCO). Car rental location was a short distance from our baggage claim location. Once we completed the paperwork, the car was located on another level. Car was picked up from an assigned spot with keys in it. I recommend paying for the e-tolls in advance. There are plenty of toll rorpads in Florida. Drop-off was easy as the pickup. Signs into the airport are easy to follow for car rental return. I was able to return car to the terminal my flight was departing from. I rented an intermediate sized sedan which was the perfect size for my weekend needs.


If you need a rental car from the Orlando airport, trust Budget for all your car rental needs. Sunny Orlando is, of course, home of Disney and the giant mouse – but Orlando also attracts giant crowds. So reserve the car you want in advance, save hassles and get your vacation started faster. You can reserve the rental car you want in just 60 seconds, and receive our best online rate. With our Rental Price Guarantee, rest assured the rate you reserve is the rate you’ll pay. For even faster service, our Fastbreak program lets you skip the line at the rental counter. Have a big family? Consider a roomy SUV or large Sedan with extra trunk space. You’ll have plenty of room for kids, luggage and lots of souvenirs! So pack your bags, grab the kids’ mouse ears and head south. Budget will be waiting, with your Orlando car rental. 

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Reviews about Budget Car Rental Orlando Airport (MCO)

08.01.2024 22:08
After my flight was delayed, I needed to rent a vehicle. I proceeded to the desk and the staff working informs me there are no available vehicles. She was rude in her tone and delivery. I had already checked online where it showed available vehicles. I then proceeded to rent the vehicle through the website and returned back to the desk only to have the lady yell at me saying she already told me there were no available details. I expressed my confusion on why their online system doesn't reflect their current inventory. The women rudely goes "let me check your confirmation number;" to which she does. She goes "oh, you got an electric vehicle." Which is still a vehicle, mind you. She rudely processes everything, gives me the key and paperwork to go retrieve the car. The information provided did not match the car which was another headache. I got out of there 1.5 hours later and frustrated. This was 2 am so it wasn't like there where many customers. However, the few she did have, she lied to and gave such an attitude to. The car was fine. Actually, it was great! However, I dropped it off at 2 am. Come to find out they never checked it in. I had to call the main number to follow up and have the contract closed out. I'm giving it such a poor rating due to terrible customer service. However, like I said above, the car was great.
08.01.2024 22:08
Not as good as usual. Could not use my fast track# to schedule online as usual. Phone rep was pleasant and did it for us. When we arrived to pick up our car, reservation # was found, but no car attached. Rep at lot had to walk through lot with a list of cars to find us one and do fresh paperwork. Redit card had an extra $200 on it the bill and I called to find out why. It was ti hold it. Upon returning from our 7 day visit, because of an impending storm, we made a phone call to return the car two days early, and were told we would receive a $20 discount. Instead the original cost of $270 went up to$340, if it included fees, there was no discount noted. We were very disappointed overall. The car was quite average. I've used Budget for several years, but am considering changing as each step was an upset this time.
08.01.2024 22:08
Hice la reserva por la página y llene todos los documentos con.mi licencia para evitar la fila pero no fue asi..toco hacer la fila 30 min de espera .no sirvió adelantar nada en la pag web
08.01.2024 22:07
Our budget car rental at Orlando international airport was flawless. First off we are fastbreak members thru the budget app which means when we get to the airport we don’t stand in the long line to get to the counter and do all the paperwork, we walk across the street into the parking garage to the the budget booth and our paper work is done it tells us the location of our vehicle saved us probably 1-2 hours standing in line. Next we get to our vehicle which we rented a full sized truck and find out we have a 2024 Chevy Silverado lt waiting for us with 7 miles on it. A brand new vehicle which was really nice. Return went fast and flawless also will us budget many more times
08.01.2024 22:07
Budget MCO (Orlando International Airport). Readiness to deliver prepaid vehicle-0. Availibility of vehicle prepaid-0. Time in line: two-and-a-half hours. Forced to go through another checkout from garage exit, and attendant didn't even know what vehicle I was in. I think Budget had rented it from Avis to rent to me. What a complete and total disaster. Vehicle was a nice hybrid, but of course, delivered to me with a completely dead battery.
08.01.2024 22:07
Our Budget rental car experience was terrible. We spent an hour in line waiting to pick up our car, and when we get to the car, it was covered in bird poop. We also opted for an electric car and that was a bad decision. The charge was only good for 250 miles, and because we didn't know how to search for fast charging stations, we ended up using trickle chargers, which took 8 hours to recharge the battery. Overall, I was disappointed in the car and the service and cannot recommend Budget as a rental car agency, nor can I recommend renting an electric car unless you are an experienced electric car user and know how to find the fast charge stations.
08.01.2024 22:07
Car was fine. What I didn’t like was the hidden and unmentioned charge of $111.09 US. I didn’t notice until it as I has originally got the price in Canadian dollars. My fault for not noticing but why the extra charge at the last minute with no warning? Terrible.
08.01.2024 22:06
Had to stand in line for 4 Hours to get my car. Staffing was totally inadequate. Try it sometime while dealing with children.
08.01.2024 22:06
Lengthy Review: Orlando, FL (airport location). Pick update 12/28/2023 and drop off 1/3/2024.
To be honest if I had not signed up for the free membership while standing on that line, the rating would be less. The area for car rental looked like a trade show setup. Folding tables lined up with banners listing which rental car company for each table. The lines were ENORMOUS, stretching all the way back to the parking lot doors, NO one was giving anyone personal space, open mouth coughing and sneezing, it was hot and very chaotic. People were cutting the line and it felt like every man for himself. I had a reservation but was at the very end of the line. There was a tiny sign towards the front with a QR code saying, "Skip the Line".

I signed up and checked in while waiting then I received a notification telling me to head straight to the garage/parking area; I walked out and as I passed everyone behind me, I directed them to the QR code so that they also wouldn't have to stand in that line for much longer. The parking garage experience was a complete 180. A very nice woman helped us out; she apologized for the crazy atmosphere and directed us to our vehicle. Outside of that, the experience was perfect. The car was clean and comfortable and returning the car was SUPER easy BUT if you are departing from Terminal C, you will need to walk to the outside and catch a bus.

I'm still thankful for reserving a vehicle in advance and for the QR code. It helped us with having the best time with our family in Orlando.


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