Mi Bandera Supermarket

Orlando, 2935 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809

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I am in love with this place. My best friend brought me here years ago, and I never stopped going back. They serve food with love and fill your plate like you are family. Not only is the food good but the staff their is so polite and welcoming. Everyone I've brought here is just as addicted as I am. If you are in Orlando, you have to stop here!

The Spanish food is amazing and affordable. 5 bucks for a whole plate of fresh food! Prices vary on what you want. I literally stop ever time I’m in the area! They even have smoothies!

I've been coming here and the food is amazing everytime. The tends to get long depending on when you come in but it's definitely worth it. Everyone who makes the plate, the food, and runs the counter is so nice. It's worth the food and you can get other groceries while you get lunch.

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Reviews about Mi Bandera Supermarket

16.01.2024 14:21
Exceptional food and service. Very reasonably priced for the potions. The two of us got the beef steak and extra plantains on the side and we couldn’t finish it.
16.01.2024 14:20
Muy buena calidad de la comida!
16.01.2024 14:18
Good food can be a hit or miss tho with Chicken on how well it is cooked, I love the rice it's always on point and the beans too.. but the price$$$ you can't really beat..
16.01.2024 14:12
Excelente lugar para hacer sus compras. Buena comida y buenos precios


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