National Supermarket - International Drive South

Orlando, 11701 International Dr Ste 600, Orlando, FL 32821

Welcome to National Supermarket, a treasure trove of delights that brings the essence of your native country to your doorstep. Under new management, we're elevating your shopping experience to new heights. Explore a vibrant tapestry of flavors from the Mediterranean, South America, North America, and Europe—all under one roof. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary delights as we curate an extensive selection of products from your homeland. From the rich spices of the Mediterranean to the bold flavors of South America, and the diverse offerings of North America and Europe, we've handpicked the finest items to make your shopping journey an international adventure. Embrace the excitement of our revitalized supermarket!

Fresh Meat
Latin America

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This supermarket has changed my life!!! I've never been so happy to shop. The vegetables smell good because they are produced directly on the supermarket roof next to the chickens and cows. I was lucky enough to wait for the hen to lay her egg in my presence so I could fill my little basket and make my omelette at home.

I wish everyone the same experience. This store is my second home, and the roof garden, wild yet well-kept, reminds me of my childhood on the farm.

The new owner has is fantastic.. he has put all the prices down… best customer service.. very fresh and updated products… one must visit when in Orlando

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Reviews about National Supermarket - International Drive South

16.01.2024 16:09
Its kind of an international supermarket and to its credit it stays open late. You should be able to get your basics. Some good prices and you might be able find stuff the gas stations don't have late at night. Looks a little run down and some safety hazards inside with puddles of water and items on the floors.
16.01.2024 16:09
Amazing service with quite affordable prices and great deals fresh perishable products and well maintained store which was above normal standards, cleanliness up to the point with absolutely amazing customer service. And everything under one roof makes shopping convenient The cashier Fuzail and Baba you guys rock with out standing personal hospitality.s bro
16.01.2024 16:09
Buena atención, no tiene mucha variedad
16.01.2024 16:05
The new owners are just starting out but they improve daily, if you ask for it and they don't have it they will order it


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