Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart

Orlando, 5079 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32810

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UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP as of a month ago. They no longer carry Makgeolli, which is the main reason why I drove to this store- I hope they consider getting it back soon!

They sell lote of things un there

I am writing this review based on my experience with the former staff and owner of the place, they are awesome!! The store has decent amount of merchandise which are priced competitively. I hope the new owners have the same kindness and engagement with the patrons. I'm sure they will. Keep the Philippine products!! A good percentage of grocery are bought by the locals Pinoys around the area.

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Reviews about Woo Sung Oriental Food Mart

23.01.2024 14:23
김치가 맛있네요 계산대 앞에 김밥도 맛있어요.^^
23.01.2024 14:21
Recent change of ownership has not negatively impacted Woo Sung too much, fortunately. Woo Sung is an Asian (mostly Korean) market that resembles the 1980’s LA Korean mart in a suburb setting.

If you are an expert Asian grocery shopper, you will appreciate this mart quite a lot. Some items are very nicely priced. Especially the produce section is very neatly organized and all produce items are very fresh.

The meat section is not huge and all are frozen. But they are reasonably priced and all cuts are optimized for Korean dishes.
11.10.2023 21:59
I love this store. We come here for our rice and ichiban Sapporo ramens too. It’s a bit of a drive from where I live but it’s worth it. I love buying their coffees in the can. I bought my sisters rice cooker here and it still works she loves it because it’s a small one just perfect for her and her husband.
11.10.2023 21:58
Great selection and great prices. Food is very fresh
11.10.2023 21:58
Very large & well-run Asian grocery store. I love their selection of fresh produce, giant containers of kim chee, wide variety of Asian snacks, noodles & spices, and other hard-to-find imported delicacies from Asia. Easy parking with a Post Office next door.
11.10.2023 21:58
Wonderful store! I would say if your looking for particular ingredients not found in the normal store give it a look! We were looking for mung bean sprouts and they had them!
11.10.2023 21:58
Great little food mart with a nice variety of Asian produce and snacks, it's never too crowded or loud and a great experience always
11.10.2023 21:57
You should go! The best kimchi, fresh tteok bokki, lots of different foods there. Very friendly staff and the store is clean.
11.10.2023 21:57
I go here all the time! Well stocked, well run, and very clean.
11.10.2023 21:57
We decided to leave some items behind because we went over our amount we had to spend and the cashier guy was super rude about after me and my fiancé apologized multiple times. He slammed the items into the cart and had a tantrum. I know that can annoying but as a customer service employee you don’t act like that in front of paying customers. The market itself was just ok but it’s probably because they were closing down that day because they sold to new owners. I’ll go to different place if I’m going to be treated that way.


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