Gyro Delicious

Austin, 2011 Whitis Ave, Austin, TX 78705

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It is such a hidden gem and I can’t recommend it enough. The combo plate was delicious! Perfect balance of flavor with the meat and the sauce and the right amount of veggies. I honestly liked it more than halal bros and that says something - it’s also cheaper. Not much wait and fast service and lots of outdoors seating and the person was really nice. I’ll highly recommend it! Good place for late night food near UT.

If you're looking for a delicious halal gyro that hits the spot, look no further than the gyro food truck owned by Brother Abbas. The food truck offers a wide variety of gyro, chicken, and vegetable options, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. From the classic lamb gyro to the vegetarian option, there is something for everyone. But what really sets this food truck apart is the owner, Abbas, who is incredibly kind and welcoming. He takes the time to chat with his customers and ensure they have a great experience. Overall, this gyro food truck is a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious meal and friendly service.

Okay, the pic does not do this gyro justice. The flavors were impressive and as expected. From first bite to last, absolutely no disappointment. It is halal, so very tasty and fresh, including all the veggies. Thank you Gyro Delicious. The name says it all.

Fast and yummy! I'll have to order extra sauce next time.

Delicious falafel. Ask for it spicy. Fast, fresh, and friendly!

This place is delicious. I tend to get #17. A combination gyro loaded with meat and vegetables. The white sauce and the spicy red sauce always tops it off. The service is always fast and friendly. I am a regular customer and the employees tend to recognize me and make my food better and better.

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Reviews about Gyro Delicious

17.12.2023 12:44
The food was amazing I recommend the #1. The meat was so tender. The pricing is good for the food and quantity you're getting.
The service was quick. I came in the middle of a lunch rush and I didn't even wait 10 minutes.
The atmosphere is to be expected for a food truck area, but it wasn't dirty or shady so it's good
There's not a lot of table space during a rush, so expect to grab and go if you go at peak hours.
I highly recommend stopping by!!
17.12.2023 12:43
Excelente sabor, la carne es muy suave y con buen sazón, solo que un poco tardado el servicio.
17.12.2023 12:43
DELICIOUS food! I highly recommend the lamb over rice.
06.05.2023 16:02
This is the best gyro I ever had. You will not be disappointed. Very friendly too. Great food, great service.


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