Leal's Tire Shop

Austin, 3502 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Welcome to the Leals Tire Shop! Your new and used tire retailer for cars, pick-up trucks, and tractors trailers! Our friendly and experienced technicians specialize in tire repair, mounting, balancing, valve stem changes and rotations. Roadside Assistant. We also have an accessible entrance around the back which allows 18 wheelers to easily come in and out without a problem.

Step by for a complimentary tire inspection today, we’re open 7 days a week.

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Nice guys working here and they explained all my options to me and helped me settle on 2020 used tires that were $450 for the set. Used seems like the best deal, but it’s cash only for used tires so be ready for that. There is an ATM across the street, which I used, but that wasted $12 on fees. There was no wait once I decided. They got the tires on quickly and I was good to go. Much easier than Goodyear which quoted me about $600 and a three hour wait

They saved my vacation! We were about to get on the road to colorado when we realized we needed a new tire. Another tire shop in town broke off a lug nut and then didn't have the equipment to fix it so the old tire was stuck on and couldn't be replaced! This place immediately knew what to do and fixed it in 5 minutes and it was super cheap. Extremely friendly and quick. Absolutely would go again!

Thanks God for Jimmy and this shop….

My wife and I are heading out of town an hour or so away, she accidentally hits a curb and our tire begins to leak. We head to Leal’s and while he's looking at the back one he glances up notices this one on the front right that is split. With an hour of driving and 102 temps, it would have exploded while on the road in next 30 min. With two lanes roads it would have been very bad, Very happy to have those loved ones watching down on us and a excellent tire repair shop. Super grateful and 5 stars all day. We got our two tires replaced and out of the shop in 45 min and inexpensively. Immense gratitude and keep doing and amazing job!

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Reviews about , услуга Leal's Tire Shop

25.12.2023 19:14
Had a gnarly flat on our way out of Austin, it was a Sunday, and these fine folks were open. We went ahead and replaced all four tires, they were quick and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!
25.12.2023 19:14
Always quick and friendly service to patch my tires!
25.12.2023 19:13
Fast service, very friendly staff. They don’t accept Amex. Very honest employees and great prices on new tires.
25.12.2023 19:13
Worse place to get ur tires done, the lady inside is a moron as well..and they charge 20 extra bucks from other tire places in east Austin, real goofy people
25.12.2023 19:13
EXPENSIVE! They will charge for the tire, tire balancing, and tire disposal. I still tipped the mechanic.
25.12.2023 19:13
The team here is incredible!

I pulled up to the shop on Sunday morning to have them fix a flat. There were 4 cars there already so I thought it was going to take a while but that was not the case! The team immediately asked what I needed help with as other members assisted the other customers, I was in and out in 10 minutes with a new tire. Highly recommend!!


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