Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 3401 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is the nation's first hospital devoted exclusively to the care of children. Since our start in 1855, CHOP has been the birthplace for countless breakthroughs and dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. Built on a foundation of delivering safe, high-quality, family-centered care, the Hospital has fostered medical discoveries and innovations that have improved pediatric healthcare and saved countless children’s lives. Today, families facing complex conditions come to CHOP from all over the world, and our compassionate care and innovation has repeatedly earned us a spot on the U.S. News & World Report's Honor Roll of the nation's best children's hospitals.

At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, our goal is to provide your family with the most advanced care available. In the lab, at the bedside, and in the operating room, your family’s health is always our focus.


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Reviews about Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

17.11.2023 13:09
The senior staff members are great like the Nurses who have been around awhile. The younger staff members need more verbal skills. Literally had a nurse walk in and stare at us like a minute and not say anything! Doctors are great and overall we were satisfied but 3 stars is for communication and the lack of it! We had waited so long and was told 3 different surgery time's. To sit there all day and wait without knowing what is going on and how long until they roll your daughter back for hip surgery is very annoying! She was hungry and irritated and in pain for several hours while waiting for someone to figure it out! Not impressed.
17.11.2023 13:08
I have needed to bring my son her twice both for emergency surgery every time from security to the doctors nurses all staff at this hospital have made what would be an extremely hard and stressful time they made it easy their focus on the smallest of details is above most hospitals I have had gone to.
17.11.2023 13:08
Hands down the best hospital ever Surgeon DR ELDEN and her team is the best (ent dept)
17.11.2023 13:08
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia stands out as one of the top medical facilities in the region, boasting an expansive infrastructure dedicated to the well-being of children. The emergency department, in particular, provides exceptional and compassionate care to both young patients and their caregivers. My recent encounter with the hospital left me amazed; as soon as we checked in, they promptly examined my child and initiated treatment. In a matter of minutes, my son began to feel better, displaying increased vitality and alertness.

Despite catering to a large population, the hospital maintains impeccable standards of hygiene and cleanliness. I have every confidence that they will continue their outstanding service to the community.
17.11.2023 13:07
Отлично работает emergency не каких очередей очень быстро принимают, на высшем уровне.
17.11.2023 13:07
Don't go if you have welfare insurance. The way they treated my son made me think they go by insurance because my son did not get good care at all night shift was rude I feel like my son was be ignored and neglected nobody really check on him it's like he was suffering literally felt like a prison for children a bunch of nurses that really don't care about other people kids especially if you of color the CNA 's sits around all day doing nothing but flirt with each other ain't nothing but a bunch of young doctors. My experience there was really bad with my child. It felt like I was forcing them to do their job and they will get irritated if you ask them to check on your sick child. They checked on my son every 3 or 4 hours as soon as we left my son got better so was the hospital making my son sicker? If you are of color with bad insurance or no insurance don't even go. But if your a person of color with some decent insurance you might be good. Just don't have health partners or keystone.
17.11.2023 13:07
A Heartfelt Thank You to the Heroes at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
April 17th, 2023 stands as a significant mark on my life's timeline. It was the day my daughter underwent a life-altering heart surgery at the renowned Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. During this challenging time, the nurses, physicians' assistants, medical staff, and surgeons emerged as our guiding stars. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and most importantly, their hope, brought us solace, reassurance, and saw us through the toughest of times.
1. Unyielding Care and Compassion: Emily Stevenson, Luma, Jillian, Reese, Rish, Jordan, Johanna,
The nurses at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia demonstrated extraordinary levels of care and compassion towards our daughter during her surgery and recovery. With endless patience and genuine empathy, they skillfully attended to her needs, providing comfort during her most vulnerable moments. Their ability to connect with both the child and their family created a warm and nurturing environment, easing the burdens that accompany such a challenging experience.
2. The Expertise of Physicians' Assistants: Vik
The physicians' assistants at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia were true pillars of support throughout our daughter's entire medical journey. By assisting the surgeons, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our daughter's condition and the intricate nature of her surgery. Their expertise and commitment to keeping us informed at every step allowed us to fully comprehend the treatment plan and actively participate in decision-making. Their reassuring presence not only instilled confidence but also made us feel like valued partners in our daughter's recovery.
3. Surgical Heroes: Dr. Chen
In the depths of uncertain tides, the surgeons at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia emerged as our guardians. With steady hands and unwavering determination, they skillfully navigated through the complexities of our daughter's heart surgery. Their extensive knowledge, experience, and attention to detail filled us with the utmost confidence that she was in the most capable hands. Moreover, their ability to maintain hope even during the most trying moments bestowed upon us a sense of optimism and strength that carried us forward.
4. The Power of Hope:
The irreplaceable gift the entire team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia gave us was hope. In the face of adversity, they continued to believe in a positive outcome for our daughter. Their unwavering determination inspired us to endure throughout the difficult days, knowing that they were fighting alongside us. Their hope became our solace, our guiding light, and ignited a fire within us to stay strong for our daughter.
Words will never adequately express the depth of our gratitude to the nurses, physicians' assistants, Doctors, and surgeons at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Their exceptional care, unwavering hope, and support carried us through the darkest of times during our daughter's heart surgery. We are forever grateful for their dedication and expertise, which enabled her to embark on the path of recovery with confidence and strength. To these incredible healthcare professionals, you are the unsung heroes who have etched an indelible mark on our hearts.
The hospital can be a place filled with anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. However, amidst the challenges, there are often moments of compassion and kindness that restore our faith in humanity. I witnessed the incredible acts of kindness and love displayed by the nurses in the hospital. Their unwavering dedication to their work and the genuine care they showed towards their patients and families left an indelible mark on my heart.:

Thank you for all that everyone did for Amelia Gallotta
17.11.2023 13:06
Be careful if you owe these jerks $200, yes $200, while you are sending them money every month for their other overpriced services for your sick child. They'll send their cronies after you who hate you just as much as CHOP does. Meanwhile, deadbeats bills who pay nothing they fall all over to please or pay their bill. Whats wrong here America?. So if you're a good person doing what you should, they hate you. Hey CHOP, why don't you actually try to cure something instead of being part of the problem.
17.11.2023 13:05
The cardiology department here is incredible. We had great luck in both the CICU and CCU. Our daughter was inpatient for 7 months post and pre heart surgery and they saved my daughters life more than once- even running a code blue on my daughter for an impending cardiac arrest. As scary as that code was, it was handled elegantly and promptly, which inevitably saved my daughter life. This hospital is full of heroes. ESPECIALLY DR. FULLER!
17.11.2023 13:04
Very friendly staff and amazing doctors. The information desk is very helpful. The front lobby is well designed and honestly fun to be in due to it's design: there is a meandering ramp that goes up several stories with interesting interactive stops on the way. The lobbies on each floor are also all well laid out: they have great views outside and inside were designed with children and comfort in mind. The plaza out front and the cafeteria/Cafe are both relaxing places to recharge.


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