Applebee's Grill + Bar

(602) 323-5680
Phoenix, 2180 E Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042


Make Applebee's at 2180 E. Baseline Road in Phoenix your neighborhood bar and grill. Whether you're looking for affordable lunch specials with co-workers, or in the mood for a delicious dinner with family and friends, Applebee's offers dining options you'll love. Ask about drink specials and our wide selection of beverages, beers and cocktails to quench your thirst, call ahead at (602) 323-5680 to find out what's on tap today. 

In a hurry? Place your take out order using our To Go service and pickup your food without ever leaving your car.

Since 1980, we've been bringing great food and big smiles to neighborhoods all over the world, and today, to this Applebee's in Phoenix. Looking for an exciting career? Discover our current restaurant jobs in Phoenix now.

Steakhouse Menu / Steaks
Kids Menu
Irresist a bowls
Family bundle meals
Beer & Wine
Drink Specials
Soup & Salad
Non Alcoholic Beverages
2 for 25 Deals
Seafood & More

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Reviews about Applebee's Grill + Bar

15.12.2023 18:38
Food was good. Service was great. I had not been to Applebee's in years due to terrible service in another state, but I will be back
15.12.2023 18:38
Blah. We came in for the holiday specials. We'll they weren't that special. Anyways, food was cold and the Iwaitress needs training. It was alright. The mashed potatoes were good that earned them an extra star.
15.12.2023 18:38
It took a very long time to get our food.
06.11.2023 17:58
I'm so angry I ordered my food at 11am for pick up. I waited the 15 mins I was told even waited an extra 5 mins and I went there and called 3 times before anyone even picked up the phone. I was told it would be just a few mins and someone would be out so I waited in my car. Now it's 11:50am and I just called in (which took me 2 tries) and canceled my order and the girl acted like she didn't even know what was going on or that there was even a to go order placed. She seemed so confused. On top of that there were only 2 other cars in the parking lot so it's not like they were busy. If you go there beware, this use to be one of my favorite places to go for lunch.
06.11.2023 17:58
When it's good, it's good! I eat here once every two weeks, Sometimes more!! The food is always good and the service is spot on!
06.11.2023 17:58
Food was great for what it is, may be slightly overpriced but that's everywhere right now. Service was not as good, our waiter and staff were inattentive to customer requests, but took the time to sit down and converse with a table for over 15 minutes. On a plus, their boneless wings are great appetizers
06.11.2023 17:58
We came in and didn’t even greet us! There was no customer inside. It was 5pm on a weekday. Tables we’re sticky! The guest wifi was not good and kept requesting 3 dollars. Our server was trash ! She couldn’t compromise for our order . For an example make a virgin margarita! Like it’s ice and juice no liquor simple . To get a good tip u going to make it happen . I give two starts bc we got to eat .
06.11.2023 17:58
First of all, the person at the front desk was not there, so we waited for about 5 minutes before someone came and put us on the waiting list. They looked really tired and looked like they didn't want to talk at all. They took down our name only, no phone number, which is what other servers usually do. The food was a little bit too salty for my order, I asked for the mushrooms burger, and the bread was really salty. We got seated around 9:15pm, but they got our orders until 10ish or a little past 10 pm. We asked to be seated on a booth, and they seated us on a table for 6 when it was just two of us. The person who helped us kept forgetting to bring us our drinks and then took a long time to check us out. Overall I really like this place because it is close to my house and the music is never too loud so we can talk without having to yell at each other. But other than that, most servers have been really nice to us.
06.11.2023 17:57
This location frequently misses parts of online orders. Expect your orders to be missing sides, beverages, or entire meals. The ones they do provide usually taste great. Props to the kitchen staff! Shame on the people who do the simplest task in a restaurant: making sure the bag matches the order.
06.11.2023 17:57
Had dinner with a couple of friends. The meal was average, although the bourbon street steak used to be more flavorful.
We sat & chatted for a while on a slow Monday evening. We asked for a box for leftovers, and then we sat there talking for about an hour, with no one coming to clear anything from the table. I found it rude. It was obvious we were done eating, but the dishes were still in front of us when we finally left.
I usually leave a huge tip for someone if we stay for an extended period of time, but I didn't feel it was deserved this time.
06.11.2023 17:57
This location wasn't busy. it took 20 minutes to get a table.
Service was slow. There were only 2 servers for this establishment. Besides the bar woman, it still took a long time for her to make her way to our table.
Once the water glass was empty, nowhere to be found.
Retrain your staff. The kicker was when she brought my change back.
I escorted her back to my table and informed her she shorted me by $20.00
Good thing I had some patience that day.
I won't be going back there again.
06.11.2023 17:57
I'm probably the worst when it comes to reviewing. I'm terribly critical so here it goes. The food really wasn't bad in fact I was trying something new. It was quite nice. The burgers quesadilla combo sort of thing. It was more like a flatbread deal. It wasn't quite the way it was advertised but it was quite tasty. The typically nice and crispy tasty french fries at Applebee's we're not up to normal standard which was unfortunate. I think my mother really enjoyed hers she got everything she asked for. As far as the waitress staff member she was a rather young looking girl nice bright smile definitely would fit in at a counter service light Place respectfully to her. However she wasn't too terribly impressive as a table service waitress she definitely didn't appear to know all about the items on the menu - and while the following or rather the last remark is not a terrible thing. I did have to eventually get questions answered from what appeared to be the Senior Management lady on duty. She was very helpful and got all my questions answered. I would truly go back again. However the Jukebox I don't know if you still called that nowadays computer system was incredibly loud and made it hard to communicate with my mother at dinner.

Okay I hope the restaurant management will forgive me for once again being a little critical here - however my family we also did order the what appear to be new item of the Cinnabon mini cinnamon roll like dessert with the dipping sauce. Not terrible kind of tasty. But a little messy and definitely something that I believe again the serving staff should be recommend it not be for a takeout item by the time we got it home it was terribly soggy and then not really worth enjoying.


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