Delbert (Matt) Maddox, DO

Phoenix, 4344 W Bell Rd # 102, Glendale, AZ 85308

Dr. Delbert Matt Maddox has over 25 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon and is board certified with fellowship training in sports medicine. He has extensive experience in arthroscopic procedures for the shoulder, knee, elbow, and ankle. This includes arthritis and cartilage issues such as knee replacement, cartilage transplant and treatment for articular cartilage loss or disorders. He also treats many common orthopedic conditions including sprains, strains and fractures in athletes and non-athletes as well as work related injuries.

Dr. Maddox has been team physician for several professional teams including hockey, football and baseball. He was a college athlete himself and has great perspective on his patients' activities and needs. 

Clinical Interests

Shoulder surgery
Knee surgery
knee arthroscopy

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

To those that are questioning Dr. Maddox use of allografts. I'm living proof nearly 22 years later. My brother and I both played soccer at the most elite levels during our youth. We both had surgeries with him (ACL reconstruction). My brother's was about 24 years ago. We both run and play to this day with zero issues! It's a shame that people will provide poor reviews based on what they read, not what they experienced. Furthermore, our father had his achilles tendon done 25+ years ago and was how our parents entrusted him to work on their children. He too has no issues. Lastly, my wife had a hip surgery done by him. That was 13 years ago and also pain free. If he's what some of these 1 star people has said, why would we have 4 people in our family all with different surgery combinations all have glorious results! It too is rare to find a surgeon with such great bedside manner like he has. Dr. Maddox is not just a top-notch surgeon, but a good man to boot.

Matt Maddox is an excellent physicist and surgeon. For someone who suffered from athletic injuries or otherwise, he’s the best. He was the team orthopedic surgeon for the Coyotes for a number of years. He is proficient and professional with a golden bedside manner.

Dr Maddox did knee replacement on both of my knees. It has been the best experience I could have ever asked for. This man and his staff made me feel comfortable about it from the start. He is an expert and uses robotic guided replacement which provides a precise angle and straighness. You will feel at ease with him and you will have an excellent Dr. My legs were severely bowed and walking was excruciating!!! Now I am healed and I can do anything my heart desires. I walk, bike, climb stairs and feel no pain!!!

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Reviews about , специалист Delbert (Matt) Maddox, DO

05.12.2023 20:50
Dr Maddox is a great knee replacement surgeon. Had both knees done, could not have turned out better. Cannot do better than him
05.12.2023 20:49
Dr Maddox does a great job presenting all the options available for treatment and helping me decide which would be most beneficial for me and my personal situation. He is an excellent surgeon who cares about his patients, and he always treats conservatively before considering surgery. Highly recommended.
05.12.2023 20:49
My experience was far better than I expected it to be. I would encourage anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon who is excellent in his field and has a staff who are professional and caring to consider Dr. Maddox.


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