Lam's Seafood Market

Phoenix, 6740 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85033


The last 2 times I got fish here was nasty...I bought what I thought was wild caught Salmon and it tasted like canal carp..and the flavor was unfresh..I think the gave me something that was mark Salmon but was something else.. the fish isn't fresh I go to Frys across the street.

Never buy fish here. They sell bad quality fish

I stopped in this store ( not the first time) on 8-15-23. I did the typical get some things to eat at home, then a few things for the freezer, probably 65-75 dollars worth of stuff. The kid at the register tried to charge me 288.57 . I said show me what totals even close to that. So now a so called manager shows up and says computer problems through broken English which is now transforming into Chinese. I said : why don’t you just void the whole transaction and we scan everything? They said no and said the bill was now 180 dollars………yeah…….right……. I just told then to void the transaction and left the stuff there. Theirs not a doubt in my mind they were trying to rip me off. I’ll never go in there again. They are without honor.

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Reviews about Lam's Seafood Market

03.11.2023 23:06
Finally had a chance to stop by this place and take my time looking around. They have all of my favorite snacks, steamed buns and more! They are fully stocked with goodies. I will definitely be coming back.
03.11.2023 23:06
When your hours says until 8pm, it should mean 8pm. Not 7:50pm, you will not let people in the store. Let's be professional. I could go to Walmart at 10:58pm and they close 11pm, they will still let me in. I got to Lams, 10min before closing time and they didn't let people in which is not right because your time said 8pm.
03.11.2023 23:05
Very bad market on Spotify zero The markets are not good. The worker who works in the fish department does not speak well with the customers
03.11.2023 23:05
Georgia truck driver resident here. Employees were very nice and helpful. Got me a huge box that way I could put my wife’s Filipino items in to bring back home. They have items that I have been unable to find previously here on the west coast. Prices are reasonable and fair.


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